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Replaced my Oil Pressure Sender yesterday...

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That sucked.. :) My arm is all scratched up from givin' the ol' Cummins the 'reach-around' :lmao:

At any rate, the old sender was bad; it stayed at 70psi, even with the engine not running..

So dually was kind enough to send me a spare he had (many, many thanks, dually, btw!)

Now, the OP gauge is working properly, and the Edge is now reading oil pressure..

idle, operating temp, is ~55psi, and 2100rpm is 77psi.

184k mi, and due for an oil change..

At any rate, thank you, dually !:thumbup2:

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So I took a few pics.First is at startup, [ATTACH]3280[/ATTACH] then cold @ 25mph. [ATTACH]3281[/ATTACH]Then idle for the others (note coolant temps) [ATTACH]3282[/ATTACH]Note that just before last pic, at 2000rpm/40mph, it was 65psi. Sitting in my driveway [ATTACH]3284[/ATTACH]Sent from my rooted EVO's tiny keyboard with my opposable thumbs...






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