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An experience of a lifetime...


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First off, I have to say that I'm not going to say what I'm going to say for any self gain or prestige that I could gain from it, but more to just share a very unique experience. I have dealt with many things in my life, but encountering one such as this one, is definitely something that will put you into another class.

What the heck 'am I talking about here? Where 'am I going with this? Well, sit down, shut up, and listen! :smart:

I have to start back about 3 years ago. I met my wife on a blind-date on valentines day. Naturally, it was a blessing from God; That I would meet a woman such as her. Later, I would come to find that not only was she a gold nugget, but so was her parents. Its not very often you come across a good woman and in-laws! Well, we did not tie the knot extremely quickly after starting to date. I lived in the Spokane area all my life and have rarely ever set foot somewhere else in my life. Sure, the occassional trip would venture me somewhere, but nothing like this.

I got into hunting when I was 16. Sticking to deer, as that was the "thing" to do! It took me north out of town, and even a week-long trip to the colville national forest. Venturing into the "wild" and seeing and experiencing the lighter side of life. I found hunting to be a very fulfilling activity in many ways than one. People find hunting to be a primitive and sick thing. As if it were a sport and killing animals was not fun! I can tell you, that even though I never had to struggle to have meat on my plate, I never took it for granted. At first, it was just a good way to get into the woods and enjoy the peace that comes with sitting in the woods. That adrenaline rush you get from sighting in that antlered critter and pulling the trigger on it, is something that only doing can explain.

But now as time has passed, things have changed in the 7 years I have been a hunter. I have slowly looked at things differently now. Well, as slow as this world would allow me. Now, with the economy, being unemployed, putting meat in the freezer is no longer a fringe benfit of enjoying the labor in the wooded areas. It is now a fight for survival by the grace of God. Facing steep prices for beef at the supermarket, and the injections of every cocktail known to man imposed on cows in the sake of food safety. Staying true to the virtues of pure, natural, meat, or as others would coin the over-rated term, "organic". You bet your arse! A hunter, actually eating the true organic meat! Man, if only those bunny-hugging liberals knew!

As I was saying, my wifes family is like striking the lottery. I shared the same views, values and ideals as they did. Leading to joining them in the hunting expeditions that they hold dear to their traditions. Initially, I found the state of Idaho, the border being less than 30 miles away, to be something along the lines of a festering canker sore. Thinking that the whole state was a flat land and only producing taters. Imagining a straw-hat, overall-wearing, farmer with a dip of chew in the lip, riding along in an old tractor on the side of the highway. As you pass by, he turns to look back at you as well, and the only thing that you can remember passing is how googly-eyed and crazy-insane he looked. Little did I know, that my narrow thinking had lead me to a humbling experience.

As I ventured to the north part of Idaho visiting my girlfriend and her parents for a good bonding experience, we got to talking. Sharing stories and experiences. Her father had done and seen it all. Growing up in the Salmon and Kamiak areas of Idaho where as he would say, "God would have to pipe sunlight us just to see!" Naturally, he was a boy who grew up, "without." Living on the basic necessities of life and surviving off the, "Fat of the land." His mother was a white woman, and his old man descended from the Sioux tribe of North Dakota. There is even a town in ND with their last name. His greater grandpa, somewhere down that great gpa line, is Sitting Bull. Now, you can take my word for it or not, but I know, what I know. This man is like a spitting image of sitting bull. You would never think that my wife could come from him as she is only 1/4 indian.

His old man was a drunkard, as most indians ended up being. Very abusive and beating him and his siblings as a way to let off some steam. My wifes dad, at the age of 8, learned to take a punch from a full grown man. That did not sit too well with him. The old man ventured to take a few heated ones toward the old lady. This was the last straw. So what the old man done as a routine, would be to pan for some gold, enough to go into town and get drunk for a few days and then come back home in the sticks and recoup just long enough to do it all over again.

On one of these cycles, it just so happened that God must of had pity on him. As he went into town to do the usual drinking escapade, my father-in-law waited for him. Taking up arms with a Springfield 1903. A rifle that proved to be much taller than him. But it did not matter. As night set, his mother did the usual. Sitting by the fire and working on whatever she could to pass the time. She retired to bed, and he slipped off with the rifle. Making his way to a good vantage point on the usual trail his old man took back home. Well, it was that time for his old man to come back home after that 3-day run. My father in law was going to lie in wait for his old man so he could let him know what it was like to get a punch from a high-powered rifle. To feel the heat and pain that he had imposed on his mother and siblings. He was going to kill him for being such a crappy father.

But as it was in the stars that morning, his father never showed up. The first time it had ever happened. Thats when they decided it was time. Time to pack up the essentials and make a new life without the pain. This is when they had eventually made it up north here in Idaho.

My father in law grew up to be a provider of the family, feeding and caring for his other siblings and mother. Sure, he was young, and a middle child, and everyone else was capable and able bodied to care. Everyone had to pull there weight. Him and his brother would go into the mountains for days, even weeks hunting for meat. They had never known there was hunting seasons until they reached their teenage years!

He lead on to his adult life, being a hotshot jumper, tradesman in construction and a soldier in vietnam. He also was a police officer for a time. Although, he was eventually forced out of the work because of so many people wanting him dead. Guess thats what happens when you start taking too many people down for selling drugs. Naturally, with all this trauma, you are gonna see some sh!t! I have sat with him many of nights hearing all his stories. Its always a joy to listen to everything he has seen. Some have been very saddening and some funny. But all, were as real as life. He struggles now, to sleep, to walk, to function. He was injured in his late 20's from a construction accident that broke his back.

I tell you, if someone should be dead, it should have been him. From everything he has experienced, he suffers from agent orange, E-tool to the forehead(which almost scalped him), wildfires crowned out, broken back(twice), buried alive in trenches(a few times), shot in the war, stabbed(cop) and vehicle accidents. This is no joke. This boy oughtta been dead long ago! But, he keeps on truckin'! The doctors say that just by his back being broken, he should not WALK! The x-rays always come out lookin' like mashed potatos!

Why would I mention all this stuff to you, you sit there and think? Well, because of what I will tell you, from all the things this man has seen and experienced, there is still one thing like me, that will always get our hairs to stand up on the back of our necks. Causing us to get into a jigger formation, scanning, listening, feeling out the surroundings for something so sinister, it causes me to still have nightmares, and especially lose sleep.

I cannot from now on, EVER rest and sleep like I could before this happened. I will always wake up every couple hours, feeling this presence, watching, thinking, analyzing. I really miss sleeping. I especially miss going into the woods, sitting down and taking that afternoon nap between the morning and dusk. I also miss that restful 10 hour sleep I got in my tent. Where you wake up, just at the right temperature. No cars, no people, no sirens, nothing. Just PURE silence. Well, maybe not pure, but silent enough to hear the wind rustling through the trees as if God himself were singing you awake. The birds singing and chirping. Everything peaceful, well, except for that damned chipmunk that always is in the tree right next to your tent. Squaking away rapidly, giving you up to every living thing in the woods.

It started off with a question by my father in law. A very random question that I had not given any thought in a long time growing up. This lead into a conversation of poking at the curiousity in us. The, "WHAT IF ITS TRUE", thing. I had considered the possibilities of it, but had never experienced such a thing. So, we decided that a annual summer camping trip was in order. I was privelaged enough to be in the presence of such a beautiful place that they had camped at for over 20 years. A spot that is hidden in the open, as they say. An area that produced many fruits of labor to help fill the freezer and put the meat on the table.

Mind you, the summer camping trip, would be the first time that I had set foot in this place. We decided on a day, which all I can remember now, was a day later in the month of July. We got up that morning, packing our gear and goods in our trucks. We did not get out of town until about 2 or 3pm. It took a while to get into the mountains and into this sweet spot. Finally, reaching the area, only with the sunlight fading under the cover of the canyon we positioned in. We quickly made camp and got everything setup so we could enjoy the next 4 days without much labor.

Eating dinner by the fire, and finally winding the night down with all the camping trip snacks and games. Finally, it was time to hit the sack and pass the evening with sleep. To bring the day ahead to anew. But what I had that evening, was something I had never expected to manifest.

!@#$%^&*() Its late boys, gotta stop here. I keep get back to yapping when I can get the time. !@#$%^&*()

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Now, we are not your average camping type. Were not that kind of people that go venturing off in the woods with nothing. Thinking that the forest is full of fairies and pixie dust. With one-horned horses and talking animals. Bringing with us bio-degradable toilet paper, organic energy bars, and a bucket to crap in. So we don't disturb the natural habitat of the animal kingdom.

No, we are just the normal every day camper. That brings all the essentials to a fruitful, successful camping trip. That gives us memories we can think back on. Not only do we do this, but because of my father in laws history and my common sense thinking, we will come armed to the teeth. Ready for a war with anything that may prove hostile. As my father in law has said, "People wonder, and ask me, why do you bring so much ammo? Its not like your going to war. Well, I can tell you this, they are the people that have never ran out of ammo and never had that feeling of despair." Ask yourself, if you have been in war and ran out ammo, is this really an irrational though? I think others can seriously relate.

Not to mention that it is just a good philosophy to live by. Where we camp, we can encounter many intimidating creatures that would just make your knees chatter and turn your tan back into a pasty white. The usual, grizzly, black bear, cougar and the moose. No one, suspects that moose! With this knowledge in hand, we never will be seen without anything. We will atleast carry a sidearm at all times. Even to the crapper! When we go hiking, we hike. We have our sidearm, our rifle or shotgun and enough ammo to shake a stick at.

No mental preparedness or the fact that I was armed to the teeth could have ever prepared me for what happened to me that first night in that canyon. The whole idea of being able to unload everything you got into something in the woods became a futile idea. Now, I have heard of the stories that my father in law told me and what I might expect. But I don't even think this time around, he knew that it would happen. I gotta say, this event even became the first time for him as well. This is how UNIQUE and as I said, "An experience of a lifetime" it became.

I suppose I should quit beating around the bush and keeping you in suspense and tell you all about what has got me hung up so much. You can call me crazy, but I don't care. I know what I experienced, the senses do not lie! I will never go back on it and say it was all a lie. I never once thought about trying to rationalize what happened and trying to downplay it into something else. I accepted the fact it happened, and will defend it to my death that I know what it was and it is real!

Now, we brought our dogs with us on this trip. My brother in law stayed behind and was not even capable of caring for animals. So we had 4 dogs with us. 3 stayed in my inlaws tent, and 1 stayed with us in our tent. They had a small mut, I cant figure out what he is, a small pomeranian, and an American Shephard. We had a daschund. Quit the combo right? Nothing that would ever seem to scare anything off and protect us, right? Haha, in any other situation I would say your wrong. But in this situation, I will have to agree!

So as I was saying, we hit the sack. It was really quiet in that canyon. The only thing was the light sound of the creek at the bottom, trickling away. Not enough for me to help me sleep. As I'm the kind of person that is used to having white noise to sleep and help drown away all that pesky noise you hear in the city. As it would have it, I was able to get to sleep surprisingly quickly. I was resting really well, as well as I would ever rest. But this fateful night, changes everything.

We never kept any lanterns on around camp to see when we would wake up in the night if at all to go to the bathroom. Thats what flashlights are for! After this first night, that whole practice went right out the window! You ever get a feeling of someone watching you? Your just going about your business and all the sudden, you look up instictively and right dead at that very person who was staring at you for who knows how long. Its an interesting phenomenon, I would say. No one can ever explain that it seems.

Well, I was woke up that night. It was probably about 1 am or so. About 4 hours or so after I went to sleep. I woke up, out of the blue. I did not feel the need to relieve myself. I did not feel the need to do anything except wonder, "Why 'am I awake?" I open my eyes, and wonder, "What?!" The next thing I know, here is this fat weiner dog, crawling over me towards the door of the tent. I had positioned this tent with a cedar tree about 2 feet in front of the door. Under the tent was a tarp. Extending beyond the tent perimeter to keep that moisture on the ground off the tent floor. I laid next to the door of the tent, and the wife on my right side. The tent was a very small ozark trail tent from walmart. It fit us two and that is all it could swallow.

So this weiner dog is crawling over me towards the door. I sit up and reach to turn on this battery-powered lantern at my feet. Heres this weinder dog wagging his tail. Now, I think, "This is odd." Why would he be happy and crawling towards the door of the tent? I pick this fat dog up off my lap and plop him down between me and the wife. He did not make a peep at all. As I was in the process of this manuever, I had a very distinct sound occur right at the door of the tent.

"Crunch, Crunch!" Anyone who has walked onto a tarp, would know what it sounds like to place your feet on a tarp would know what it sounds like. It was a sound that had cause me to turn ghost white. To cause my body to almost go into a seizure like shake. The adrenaline that gets your blood and body pumping. There was not a single other sound made, except that distinct sound. I can still hear it echo through my thoughts now. It even makes my blood pump now!

When I recognized that there is something right in front of the door of my tent, observing me, listening and watching me, and yet, the only barrier I had between me and this thing, was the layer of tent, it was a very nerve-racking experience. I slowly reached down and turned off the lantern. I laid back down, and the only thing that could race through my mind was, "Oh sh!T!"

I contemplatd it for a split-second and decided that it was the best alternative I had. I had my .45 ACP right at the head of my bed and reached for it. Problem was, it was in a holster with a snap. I reached for it as slowly as possible and un-snapped the holster, slowly pulling out the pistol. I thought that just aiming at where I thought the cedar tree might be and unloading the whole magazine would be a sure thing to take this thing down and elimniate this threat.

Ask yourself, your in a canyon camping in the forest, you have not heard a single vehicle drive by the whole time your there, and yet here is something, standing, right at the door of your tent. Never making a single sound, except that sound of walking onto a tarp. As I pulled out the pistol, I once again heard that dreaded sound of this thing taking its two-steps back off the tarp. "Okay" I think to myself. Whats going on here? I can tell that this thing is walking around the tent, now. I reach over to the wife and I put my hand over her mouth. Naturally, she reacted with a grumbling and she was becoming coherant as this thing was walking around. It had gotten around the tent to the point of being at our heads.

What I had heard next was another un-mistakable sound that you can never forget and can never compare to. This thing that had just invaded my privacy, my security, had further broke me down with the noise it proceeded to make. I said it could never be compared to anything you have ever heard, but I can come close to something equivalent to it. Even then it is almost a far cry from the real thing.

The sound could be equated to the tazmanian devil in the cartoons. Right before he goes into his whirlwind, he makes this garbled sound. This is something along the lines of what I had heard! Right there and then I instantly knew what it was I was dealing with. Going back on all the stories I had listened to from my father in law. All the native legends and personal experiences he faced. There was only one thing it COULD be! As this thing makes it way, it passes by and proceeds to walk off. It walked down towards the bottom of the canyon and on its way by, it brushes against my in laws tent. And off it was. Gone, and lost into the dark. To nare be seen or heard again.

None of the dogs had barked. All of them cowering away into the deepest corner of the tent. Hiding, trying to make itself invisible to the visible. My wife was awake by now, and I had asked her if she even heard anything. She barely heard the garbled noise, but she definitely heard the thing walking by her parents tent and brushing against it.

!@#$%^&*() More to come soon! !@#$%^*&)(

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Hex...if you don't get to the heart of this story I'm going to pack a bag and drive up to Sandpoint and strangle you....you think what was outside that tent scared the hell out of you....you haven't seen MoparMom get mad. Now....get to the end of this cliff hanger...or call me. :lmao2::lmao:

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Haha, what?! Sheesh! I just thought you might like to hear a true story from me. Yea, I may drag it out, but hey there is GOOD reason for it! Its important you know the details. I hope it has been a fun read so far, and that you guys are dying to know what I'm leading to.

--- Update to the previous post...

Still in shock from just experiencing this crazyness, I call out to my father in law and ask if he had just heard what happened. He responds with a calm but concerned tone of acknowledgement. I get on my boots and grab the rifle next to me on the side of the bed. I proceeded to make my way out of the tent and expose myself to the outside. The canyon can get a bit chilly in the night. The cool air will make its way down the canyon in the evening and night.

I shine my light around, scanning the area, and to no avail, I see nothing. Nothing but a strange lucid memory of what just took place. I go right to lighting a lantern and illuminating the area. My father in law comments to me about how he is a bit surprised that I took the experience so well. As if he almost set it all up! He started speaking aloud about how it actually was very strange to have one of them come into camp. He said that, "They had never done that before!"

None of the dogs dared to step out with just for the sake of following us. They would not even dare to step out from the tent even when called. They knew better, and they could smell exactly what it was. To my surprise, I began thinking about something that could have been left behind. I started scanning the ground making my way along the path I thought this thing took. Lo' and behold! There it was! The most sure sign that tells all about exactly what it is.

It was a perfect impression between our tent and the campfire. It was very pronounced and I could make every feature out about it. It was an impression of a footprint. The left foot to be exact. The print was as long as my steel toe boot overall. This would probably have equated to a size 14-16 shoe. The big toe was depressed more than the others. A 5-toe count, almost seemed to be human. Its shape was close to human-like. It had that curve in the foot, but no arch. 1/2 way down the footprint towards the heel of the print, there was a distinction between this and a humans though. It was if this foot had a joint in the middle. It looked like it would be a spot that would bend in this area.

I motioned my father in law to come over and see this. He bends down and says, "Yep, that was them. You just had your first encounter with BIGFOOT." :ahhh:

I took 3 pictures of the print with y cell phone camera, as thats all I had with me at the time. I proceeded to cover it with a 5 gal. bucket to help preserve the print so I could get a better look at it in the morning. There was no need to exaplain anything to the wife or mother in law. As they have had there own experiences with these bi-pedaled creatures.

I proceeded back into the tent and tried to calm myself down from what I just had taken in. The senses were overwhelmed with so much. We decided on leaving the lantern on for the rest of the night. I managed to get back to sleep a couple hours or so later, but slept very lightly. I woke up again, out of the blue, with that feeling of something watching me. I noticed though, that light was starting to creep out from behind the canyon. With all the things I listened to my father in law say, one thing stuck out to me the best that night. They do not like the light! I felt security from knowing this, and it had made me relax to the point I could go on to sleep and catch some real shut eye.

!@#$%^&*() I shall leave you guys with that! Atleast now you know what it is I'm talking about. The wait is over! I still have much more to tell you guys and the other experiences I have had. I will make them shorter though. As it sucks typing so much to lead up to very little, haha. But I hope it was a fun read, and for what its worth, like I said, this is all true and very much was real and happened to me! There is no need for me to speculate anymoe about whether or not Bigfoot exists, because I tend to relive that one eventful evening atleast once a week in my sleep. !@#$^%*&)(

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The doggy showing up was sort of a way to communicate that they are friendly perhaps; i.e. very happy friendly dog, very fat :). After all Bigfoot knew what his doggy was going to do, running inside your tent:thumb1:. You should have put out some foods out for the next night. You might have a new buddy to show you where the good hunting grounds are :wink:.On the other hand, I'd be so scared I wouldn't know what to do as different unexpected experiences can happen so fast.Thank you for sharing this story.

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I can show you guys what pics I have. I just have not been around my computer that has the pics on them. I've got another pic of another foot print that is not so pronounced. It was done in soft ground and it is not as earthy to leave a good mark.As for the dogs, we have discussed the idea of it all, and we have done a little bit of research comparing things to out theories. Dogs do not like bigfoot and bigfoot does not like dogs! A sasquatch will tear a dog to pieces if it ever encounters one trying to stand their ground. They don't seem to like noise and exposure.I failed to mention what happened the next morning. Believe it or not, my father in law has received "gifts" from them. Our gift this time around was an apple. A whole green apple! We had not brought any apples with us and the nearest apple tree that we know of is at an old homestead in the forest. But get this, its on the OTHER side of the canyon! AS the crow flies, its about 1 mile! Theres only one way an apple is going to get that far! It was carried by something! The apple was left right in front of my in laws tent about 20 feet in front. Which would have also been the "road" that our vehicles were parked on.My father in law has felt their presence while hunting and left out a little fun size candy bar on a tree limb. He was eating some as well and decided to give it a shot. He left the area and walked his trail and when he came back later that day, he found the candy wrapper on the ground. Something ate it! It was not chewed up, it was tore open just like how we would open one!

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Wow! This is not one of those tales that you re-tell around a camp fire. No one would get any sleep!!!! I have a question for your father-in-law and that is regarding the apple it left. This is a kind act, if you want to call it that, but it is a social skill we all learn. It is kinda like saying, "Sorry if I scared you. Here's an apple." My inquisitive minds asks the question as to where did it learn this. This big-foot appears to have a gentle side to him contrary to the one the media protrays. Even your in-laws display no fear, just an acceptance of it.Yes, I want to see the pics and do relate more of your stories for us. I have a great respect for the Indian people and have studied much on their ways. There past is important to us today.

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Yes that fat bratwurst is my dog. Now that I'm married, I have adopted the furry thing..I cant remember now, but the indians have a name for bigfoot. I believe the word bigfoot derives from the indian word. If you want to sleep camping with us, you definitely do not talk about this sorta thing when you are in bigfoot country. You will not sleep! I literally start shaking and my stomach will produce alot of acid before I go to sleep. Its hard to sleep when its silent. I always have to have a big campfie going so there is light and noise. I will get up during the night and feed the fire to keep it going through until the morning. I actually face my fears and get out my tent just for the sake of light and noise.As far as the personality of this creature goes, we have our theories according to our experiences. They are a VERY territorial creature. Contrary to what people may think, they are VERY family-oriented. They will NEVER travel alone. They have always seemed to travel in atleast pairs. They will warn you if you get too close, and they will also chase you out if your too close.This years hunting trip left me and the wife in a very potentially dangerous situation. The homestead I had mentioned, they were residing in the wooded area above the site. I also found this year that there were wallows, food, shelter, and the running water to provide for those said wallows. We had gotten so close to them at one point, I actually had rocks thrown at me by them. :ahhh:Needless to say, we made haste out of there. As for my in laws, these past few years they have grown very wary of bigfoot. I've noticed that their outlook on them has changed that time I was first with them. It just a very unusual thing for them to come into camp like they did. They had camped there for over 20+ years and that had never occured to them. The last time we camped there since that happened, we had done a 4th of july celebration. I invited my parents to come and see the area and take in the beauty of the area. Although, because they knew the history of it, they refused to sleep there overnight. :lmao: They have never said they believed me, but they sure do not want to admit that they refuse the whole idea. On July 5th, in the morning, it was about 3am, my father in law was suffering from an ear infection. He is also a heavy sleeper and has sleep apnea. He never woke up from what happened, but there was no question about it. Me and the wife, that night, we could listen to them throwing FITS down the canyon. They were throwing boulders, and it was LOUD. It was very scary to listen to it, because thats when you know they are saying, "Its TIME for YOU to LEAVE!"MY wife has listened to them when she was younger when she camped there. She would watch the stars and could hear them surround their camp. They communicated with a whistling sound. I find that any sound that comes from their mouth to be a noise that pierces me to the very innards of my being. She found it comforting in a way. Although, she was never traumatized the first time like I was.I have never had a positive experience with these creatures. It has always been a neutral to negative experience. Contrary to what I say, none of us have ever been injured by them, but have definitely had some somewhat hostile actions taken toward us. We hae quickly learned when and where to be and when to just plain out be GONE.I got my cow elk in that canyon this year, and we still had 3 other tags to fill. A couple days later, we ran into a couple guys that were walking down the canyon. One was on the other side of the canyon across the stream and the other was on our side. We have a tree stand set up on a bottleneck. I had gotten almost to the stand and I saw movement. I eventually found that it was a guy walking through, OBLIVIOUS to everything. He stopped and saw my gut pile. He had no ORANGE on at all! In fact, he had a BROWN coat hanging off his head and covering his back. This is elk RIFLE season! I stood next to a tree in my orange and my wife also. It was not until he got 10 feet from us until he notices us! We stopped and chatted a second and he said him and his friend got dropped off down the canyone and made way. I tactfully said, "Hey, you need to get some orange on. Your lucky I did not mistake you for something else." In other words, I was going to shoot you for being brown!OH, AND, when daylight finally came around after that event on July 5th, we were woken up by some guys practicing with their hounds. A pack of hounds came up that canyon barking away. Guys finally came down our road and I told them you better watch it.These people, who are completely oblivious to whats in this canyon, trudge through the area like they own it. Unfortunately, how in the world can I warn them telling them they need to watch out for bigfoot? I definitely do not want people knowing they are in the area anyways. Our hunting spot would be compromised, and bigfoot would move away.I hope no one takes offense to this, but I have seriosuly contemplated bagging me a sasquatch so I can prove to the world they exist. Maybe even then people would stop making all this money on tv feeding people lies and drama. Problem is, its just me and the father in law who are the men of the family. I'm the only able bodied one of the two, and bigfoot weighs atleast 600 lbs! I hear people have offered over $1 million dollar rewards for bigfoot... I have tried to contact a professor at the university in Moscow, but apparently he is only interested in studying footprints.

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If you bag one of them you might start another war. Why not leave Twix Bars about every hundred feet leading up to camp with a pile of them sitting on a table. You might be able to communicate somehow while he gobbles the candy. Make friends:)..... I don't know if I believe there's Bigfoot or not but it's interesting story. It's possible I suppose. Like to see the pics but also thanks for the interesting reading.

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You know my biggest fear? ....seeing one eye to eye. :stuned:

I've learned a little bit about the way they communicate. But I don't have the balls to try it. Cause once they figure out who I'am, they go into another mode and I don't wanna see how far they can escelate it.

I'm heading back home today, so this evening I will post the pics I have.

I've thought about the potential for the chaos that could be caused bagging one, but I could not fathom what it would be like to go down in the history books as the first one recorded and confirmed to bag a bigfoot! :woot:

I have also thought about inviting people on a trip and experiencing bigfoot themselves for those who are willing to pay to be proven otherwise.

My friend of over 10 years did not believe me and thought I was full of crap. He went dirtbiking with his friends one day somewhere way diff. than where I go. He stopped for a second when he was by himself on the trail, and the next thing he knew, this towering human-like creature stood up not far off from him. He almost sh!t his pants! I guess he caught up with his friends nad he was ghost white. Later on, I called him because I wanted him to help me find a freshwater spring in the mountains and he told me about his little run-in. Guess I'm not so full of the brown stuff now, huh! Haha, it was a good moment to take in...

I don't believe bigfoot to be some mysteriously unknown creature that has descended from outer space or some nonsense like that.

What I DO believe them to be is a species of ape that have been so smart about their survival, they have manage to make it this long. I also believe that because they have been around this long, they have been able to reproduce by the millions. And because of how they work, I also believe that they have to be spread out from each other and we eventually see them like we are now. Because we continue to develop into areas that are remote and push them into a "corner" more and more so to say.

--- Update to the previous post...

So as I said I would, here are those pics I took! I know they are not the best, but its the best I could do with a cell phone camera!

Posted Image

This is from a trip right before we did our elk camp. This was in a wooded area behind our camp that we usually stay at. This print, although hard to make out, seems to be an older or larger bigfoot as the spacing of the bi-pedal joint is larger.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here is my hand next to it, to give you an idea!

Posted Image

Here is the footprint! I tried to enhance it so things could be a little more distinguishable.

WELL?? :whistle:

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