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Dump beds: anyone here have that setup?

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I'm looking at adding a dump bed setup to my QCSB. "Most" kits I see are for every combo BUT the QCSB on 2G trucks. Why? WTF is so different?At any rate, anyone here have a dump bed installed? I'd prefer and OTB (over the bumper) style, and not an insert, as I've no room to store an insert when not in use.Stealth Dump Trucks, Inc. has my favorite one, but not for a 2G QCSB...EZ Dumper insert is like 1800$ and, well, it's an insert...

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post-11041-138698186038_thumb.jpg Pierce Arrow Inc. makes a conversion kit to turn the pickup bed into a dump truck. I don't have any experience with it but a company by the name of Northern Tool and equipment handles the product line. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/category_pierce-sales+auto-suv-truck-accessories Maybe this is something that could work for you. I see there are some customer feedback on the kit.
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I looked into those, but none I saw were listed for the QCSB, which is apparently different than the SCLB, or QCLB..

I is cornfuzed..


Pierce Arrow, Inc.


Fits '94-'02 Dodge 6' beds. The Pierce Dump Kit is designed for landscapers, acreage owners or guys like you who want to save a buck on equipment cost. With an afternoon and extra pair of hands you can do the installation yourself. Once the install is complete, engage the remote to activate the dump.



[TD] Price: $1,195.99 P046-UDNSBK




Availability: Usually Ships within 2 to 3 Days

Product Code: P046-UDNSBK

Fits Dodge 1994-2002 trucks with 6' beds.


[*]Load capacity : 2 tons

[*]Maximum angle: 45 degrees

[*]Dumping time: 10 sec.

[*]Pump pressure: 2,250 psi


[*]Scissor assembly with cylinder

[*]Low mounting scissor with narrow drop hinge knuckle

[*]Left and right hinge

[*]Left and right hinge arm

[*]Gas filler bracket

[*]Stiffener plate


[*]44” hydraulic hose

[*]3/8” x 1/4” elbow

[*]Hardware kit

[*]Electrical kit

[*]12 V hydraulic pump and motor

[*]Lower frame angle

[*]Pump bracket

[*]Cylinder shafts

[*]Cotter pins


[*]Base assembly


[*]3/8” and ½” Portable Electric Drills and Bits

[*]Impact Wrench

[*]Hoist or Cherry Picker

[*]Metal Cutting Saw

[*]Drop Light

[*]Extension Cord







[*]Cutting torch


[*]Vise grips

[*]Tape Measure


[*]Zip Ties

[*]One Hole Straps

[*]3 quarts of Dextron 3 or Hydraulic Fluid

[*]Red and Black Electrical Tape


[*]Safety Glasses

[*]First Aid Kit


[*]Teflon Tape


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The clip out of the catalog (the one shown in my post) shows a listing for the 2nd gen long bed but doesn't say anything about the cab. The price seems fairly reasonable to me but like I said no personal experience.Maybe a phone call to them will solve the mystery.Good luck.

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