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Hello all,I have been a lurker for some time now and have recently registered. I originally found this site through following some of Michael's write ups on another site. I own a 1998.5 24v 2500, 4x4, auto, QC, LB with about 160,000 mi. It is my first diesel and is completely stock, well minus the brakes that I did and all new oils. I wanted the third generation, but they were too expensive at the time then I found mine and I think that I got a good deal. I got it from a pastor of a church for $6,500.I have been doing my research, reading and learning as much as I can. I am currently deployed, but when I return I have made a truck budget and will begin my build. I plan on building with a focus of reliabilty and mild performance. I only tow my dirt bikes and my parents 20' travel trailer once in a while. I have enjoyed this site and the general "feel" or attitude of it's users and hop to become a more active member. I have some questions, but I will post those in another section. Thank you all for a great site and keep up the good work. Oh, and I live in Washington state.

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