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Flagman Russ: RV under water

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Flagmanruss asked if I would be nice to post this up for him...


I don't know how to post this.

I'd call that a Motor Home... not a "camper". Maybe a boat anchor now.

Bet "Dad is PISSED"



Camper under water

Glad we didn't go camping a week ago.

The beach was closed and this idiot went on

the beach somehow.

A friend let them borrow it and he didn't even

own it. It was his father's motor home and he

was in Florida!!!

They say it costs them $10,000.00 to have it

pulled out!!!!!

We know the person that took the picture and

he said they were sound asleep through it all.

I say they were more than sound asleep.

They must have been on drugs too.

Just a man and woman.

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I can imagine what my old man would say when I showed him that picture and tried to explain myself. I dont care how old I was, 19 or 59. WOW!!

[sheriff Beauford T. Justice] "There just ain't no way..."[/sheriff Beauford T Justice]
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I can't imagine loaning an RV... I hate to even have my wife drive my truck, but I kind of have to. If I screw something up, than it's my fault... but I hate when others screw something up on MY vehicles. And I generally don't drive theirs!

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