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Stalls when going into gear

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This is new... When I start up in the morning and go into gear, the engine seems to want to die. Basically, sees like the trans is grabbing too much...any ideas?

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Hmmm... Got any error codes? :confused: What your ATF look like? I know you got synthetic in there but I curious of there is debris or something in the fluid maybe? What the temps like in the morning? I heard that the Auto Trans in these truck don't start pumping till placed in Neutral so you might try placing in Neutral and letting the fluid warm up a bit...

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Ok after pulling out the big book and doing some reading on this... As for the specs on the TQ converter I don't have any you might have to contact a trans shop and get that information...

Drags Or Locks Up

Check for low fluid level, dragging or failed clutch, improper front or rear band adjustment, internal transmission case leaks, servo band or linkage malfunction, worn overrunning clutch, broken planetary gears or dragging torque converter clutch.



Torque converter is a welded assembly and is not serviceable. If a malfunction occurs or if torque converter becomes contaminated with foreign material, it MUST be replaced. Torque converter cannot be flushed or repaired.


DO NOT open throttle to wide open position for more than 5 seconds or transmission may be damaged. If performing more than one torque converter stall speed test, operate engine at 1000 RPM with transmission in Neutral for at least one minute to cool transmission fluid before performing next torque converter stall speed test.

Stall Speed Test

1. Install tachometer. Ensure transmission fluid level is correct. Start and operate engine until transmission fluid is at normal operating temperature.

2. Block front wheels. Apply parking and service brakes. Place transmission in Drive. Open throttle to wide open position for no more than 5 seconds and note engine RPM, then release throttle. This is the torque converter stall speed.

3. Torque converter stall speed should be 1800-2300 RPM. Once torque converter stall speed is obtained, place transmission in Neutral. Operate engine for one minute, allowing transmission to cool. Stop engine. Place transmission in Park. Remove tachometer.

Stall Speed Exceeds Specification

If torque converter stall speed exceeds specification by more than 200 RPM, transmission clutch is slipping.

Stall Speed Less Than Specification

1. If torque converter stall speed is less than specification with a properly tuned engine, torque converter overrunning clutch may be slipping.

2. If torque converter overrunning clutch is slipping, torque converter stall speed will be 250-350 RPM less than the specification. Vehicle will operate properly at highway speeds, but will have poor low-speed acceleration.

Stall Speed Is Within Specification

If torque converter stall speed is within specification, but abnormal throttle opening is required to maintain highway speeds, torque converter overrunning clutch is seized. Torque converter must be replaced.

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The torque converter is a serviceable part.What i meen by that, my tranny guy cuts them apart and can fix whatever is wrong.But he is a high end builder shop.He has a tranny dyno as well. As far as your truck inside the trans is a sulanoid that does the lockup part .To me it sounds like it may be bad.I would check under your hood there is a relay for the trans.It is in the black box and is marked. try removing the copilot see what happens.

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