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turbo rebuild full service

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so a local shop does full rebuilds on turbos for appx $350. imma get the turbos rebuilt and have a good spare.


Hi Randy,

For an HX35W, the starting rate for a rebuild on this turbocharger is

$350.00. The $350.00 includes all new bearing, seals, bolts, thrust

bearing, thrust collar and new clamps. We test your actuator to make sure

it is within spec. We will check for shaft straightness to make sure it is

a completely level surface. All the housings (Compressor, turbine &

bearing) are all placed in ultrasonic cleaners. Then they are bead blasted

and glass blasted as well. They will then be sent back into the sonic

cleaners once more to make sure all of the blast material is out of them.

The bearing housing then gets honed and the other housings coated. The

turbine wheel gets polished and then re-balanced with the compressor wheel.

Then the unit will be re assembled.

If we find anything out of spec that we do not feel comfortable using, such

as a housing and or wheel, we will price it out for replacement of that part

or give you the option of how you want to further pursue the rebuild.

Please contact me if you have any further questions,


Mackenzie Flynn

Turbocharger Product Manager

Phone: (303) 428-3611 Ext: 205

Fax: (303) 428-6785

E-mail: mflynn@centralmotivepower.com



mods if anything needs to be removed let me know?

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I would really question the $470 balancing (820-350).. The parts to rebuild the thing are like $100 on ebay. A new turbine/shaft is I think mine was $80. I imagine the compressor wheel is another $80. So seeing as how a rebuild just cleans the compressor/turbine assembly, it is a $100 parts job then labor. But here's the thing, Mike got more than that because of the damage the hose clamp caused. I think he had to get a new compressor wheel, turbine, compressor housing, $$$$. Which might be $400 in parts including the rebuild kit. The labor probably killed him is what I'm thinking.Still, I'm not sure a new one isn't the same $800. My brother seems to get them a dime a dozen with his company connections to get them straight from holset or wherever.

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