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Hail Call, Ah64Id...….smarty Question


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As you know, I'm perfectly happy with my Smarty Revo SO6.  


As you know also, I run SW5 default setting 99.9% of the time.  And I'm happy with the performance/results/mileage etc.


Part of the reason I was reluctant to "upgrade" my Smarty was that I had an "ancient" computer;  and I wasn't sure I could count on a "complete" download.


I've now got a "modern" computer and can access do stuff my old one couldn't.


This is my question……………….and I've been running SW5 almost exclusively since I got the Smarty.  What, if anything, will I gain by downloading a "later" version of the software?  Would SW5 be better or worse as far a mileage goes???


I'm not interested in the POD, max torque, or max HP, etc………………just wondering what I'd gain………….if anything.

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Not anwering for AH641D but when I looked at the documentation it says the new software has been upgraded to be more linear through the range of each SW.  Also it say that each SW range has been increased about 10% over the earlier versions.  And finally the most advanced timing level in all SW ranges is now 2 with 3 being less than 2 and 4 being less than 3.


I have been running at timing level 3 most of the time this past year and got my best mileage in SW5.  Since winter time I have upped my timing to level 2 and so far I have seen the best mileage yet (on winter fuel) in SW9.  I don't use the power of SW9 but that level has increased my mpg's.


Anxious to see how things are when the winter fuel is gone.

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The new softwares should give you , as John mentioned, a more linear power. They are smoother, quieter, and should be more fuel efficient.

The thing I like most about PoD is that the standard smarty tunes got to 100% fueling at 82-84% throttle, so PoD 85 gives you a setting the has no effect on power, economy, anything except making 100% fuel happen at 100% throttle. This also means the pedal is softer, which is good on low traction surfaces and easier on the driveline when towing. It's about the only thing I use PoD for.

What Revo settings are you running now? If your tone ring is still advanced the new software might work better if it goes back to stock, but a little driving will answer that. I know my truck wouldn't like a tone ring mod on any software, I run less timing than stock for cruise and early spool zones.

I can't think of anything that's not to like about the current box tunes.

The higher the software the better the mileage but the more you have to watch things with a stock turbo. That's where UDC is great, you don't need to advance the timing to proper without having to jack the fueling up. But that is a different thread!

Power gains are plus/minus 10% so a wash there, not that you run WOT very often :-)

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John,  cable arrived today.  Thanks.  


However;  I go to the MADS site and find out that the upgrade downloads at this time can only be done on Windows based computer.  I've got a new MAC!!! :duh:   Looked at a "windows emulator" like the site said, but I went to the Apple store online, and the reviews weren't so good for it.


Watched the 2 videos for the downloads……………..I don't know that I'd want to even attempt it.  Gosh that's a lot of windows, clicking, etc.!!! :banghead:


Does the "latest" upgrade/download change my Smarty Revo SO-6 to the POD???  I was a little confused there.

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Yes it does require Windows. Do you have an old machine laying around?


It will convert your non-PoD to PoD, there is not longer any supper for non-PoD.


Yeah, and older MAC!!! :ahhh:


I guess I'll borrow Dads computer the next time down there……………..or someone up here nearer to me.

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