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I have seen an article where a  dimpled plastic overlay has been developed to put on the front end of vehicles to created a similar effect that is gained by the dimples of a golf ball.  This overlay stuff is something similar to the thicker overlay that you put on your headlight and foglight lenses to protect them from rock chips etc.


I think the theory is that a vehicle is more of a blunt nose (like a golf ball) and was expected to see some improvement in the reduction of drag.


Can't specifically remember if there really was any improvement seen in the tests or not.


I probably could guess that it wasn't significant or we probably would heard something about it and seen if for sale somewhere.

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Dodge did in the 70's...  no wait, that was the front fenders rusting through! 


I told my sister, I have the ultimate golf 'driver'...  gives new meaning to "Play through!"   




Yes, it is golf ball bore.  Grown up delinquents... 

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We used to make lemon grenades. Take lemons and stuff a firecracker in them, lite it and throw it or roll it. Everyone thought we were just rolling lemons off the tree but when they went off they were sprayed with lemon juice. :lmao:


          Sorry to get off subject..... very interesting ISX

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