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Please Help... 1st Gen Brake problem


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3/4 ton 92 Dodge Cummins 4x4 has new calipers, shoes, pads and new Master cylinder and all new fluid.


Even though I have bled all 4 wheels 3 times the pedal still goes down 2/3rds of the way before the brakes work. When I pump the pedal several times the anti lock light goes out and brakes work beautiful. I've had this problem for a long time with two brake shops bleeding the jeepers out of them. Now with all new, I still couldn't figure it out. 


Any thoughts?


Thanks a bunch everyone.


BTW, Try getting a donation to Mike for the forum everyone it's running lean right now. This is a great site don't want to loose it..

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If I remember right the RWAL system on your truck has a bleeder as well look back by the rear wheel line and there should be a device tee'd out of the system this a RWAL dump device to dump pressure in a captive reservoir. Might look at that...

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I fought mine for a long time. Make sure that the rear brakes are adjusted up like they should be. Another trick is to use the plugs for bench bleeding the master cylinder and pull one brake line at a time off the master cylinder and put a plug in it. Try your brake pedal to see what it feels like. On mine if I blocked off the front the pedal was high and solid, but if I just blocked off the rear the pedal was low and mushy. Like you I went through gallons (no exaggeration) of fluid trying to bleed them. I was bleeding the fronts for the 4000th (felt like it) time and for some reason I had a screwdriver in my hand and tapped on the rubber hose while bleeding the left side. I saw two bubbles slightly larger than BBs come out and now my brake pedal is high and firm again. Try some 'un-orthodox' fixes. Sometimes it will amaze you!

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