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So What's in Your Tool Box for yer Long Haul Travels?

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  • Staff

I carry.....


extra lift pump


extra vp44


a Timbo APPS


extra filters


extra cam sensor


all possible tools without going overboard and looking like a Snap-On wagon :)

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I carry the same tool box I've had for the last 40 years. Since I haven't had issues on the road so far, I try not to carried much extra. As time goes by, I guess I will change that as needed, but trying to keep it light as long as possible. If it's in cold weather I have a crate that holds chains and such, warm weather nothing extra. But I make sure my AAA card is paid up to date incase. (Wondered what I would have to do if I had my trailer on the run and something  happens. Been fortunate so far ... knock on wood.) I guess you can say I've been blessed so far.

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extra vp44?! Whoa!...expensive tool box. 


I carry...


-just about every fluid, 1 gallon of 15w-40, 2 quarts of atf, 2 quarts ps fluid, 1 gallon+ 2 cycle, maybe a quart of gear oil


-ratchet/wrench set, screwdrivers and what not, extension chord


-ratchet straps and bungies


-Timbo APPS


-bottle jack and some junks of 2x4s, a piece of metal pipe (cheater bar/hit someone bar)


-used to be a carpenter so my tool belt and 5 gallon bucket of random bars and pliers, level, cordless tools, radio, canvas drop cloths


-blue shop towels, gloves


-OBDII reader, tire pressure gauge, volt meter


-various knives, a hatchet (under my front seat), flash light


-my ball(s) and hitch so it doesn't get stolen


-30' recovery strap (18,000 lb), 20' grade 70 chain with clevis hooks (12,000 lb), jumper cables


-maybe most importantly- some length of 1/8" and 3/16" ID vacuum line, some rubber elbows and connections dry rotted and I was stranded in the mud/wet grass without 4 wheel drive 

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I just carry a basic set of hand tools, spare lift pump, serpentine belt, ratchet straps, and jumper cables. I do usually have a few quarts of motor oil, P/S fluid, and a gallon of water too. I do also have a few odds and ends of hose and wire and some wiring accessories. I figure all this stuff is easy to repair/use while on the side of the highway. Otherwise I would probably end up needing a tow anyway.

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  • Owner

Here is my setup... Backseat tray.



Backseat tray has first aid kit, drinking water, MRE, fire extinguisher, fuses, fuel filter, toilet paper, kleenex. Behind my driver side the back pack is my Search & Rescue bag with more clothes (jacket, gloves, beenie, socks, etc.) fire starter, water, MRE, more first aid, etc.


Then the bed of the truck



In the bed is my socket set, 1 gallon of engine oil, 2 cycle oil, jumper cables, ratchet straps and few rags.


I normally don't carry any parts. I tend to do monthly inspections and deal with issues when first detected and repair them promptly. I've never been towed nor had a failure that left me on the side of the road yet.



Ps: Forgive me it's dirty I just got back from the woods hauling firewood.

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  • Staff

A few things I will need to add after seeing yours...

Extra Serpentine belt

Bottle Jack (factory jack is pretty sad)

Fire extinquisher

Some extra wiring and connectors.

What extra fuses should be carried? Or are there a couple important ones?

Thanks all

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  • Owner
What extra fuses should be carried?


I went into Harbor Freight and picked up the mini's and the standard blade fuses. Each is like 60 piece assortment of all common fuses for $9 buck I think.


Still carry the factory tire jack works really good. Used it many time including trying to get unstuck from a mud hole.


Fan belt I left at home on the shelf. That part of the inspection process and dealt with accordingly. The only thing part wise I carry is the fuel filter for the sole reason you never know if it might just get you some time bad fuel or gelling issues in the winter. But all these years I've never had to use it. Brand new fleetguard filter 3 micron for the AirDog.


I look at from a different light. If the truck going to fail me it most likely going to fail with part required that are not carried. So I look at the safety factor more so. So OK the truck died, no cellphone signal, no radio signal, etc. Your on your own walking. Grab the SAR's bag typically have my pistol on me. If MoparMom is with me then grab the other MRE and water and get walking. If I'm on the highway I can most likely flag down help. But if I'm off in the backwoods time to do the heel-toe express.

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