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Idaho - Highway Dept.


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Hey Gang...


I was talking to the state highway guys this morning when they pulled in. I've been informed that this year in Idaho they are suppose to increase the salt and mag-chloride usage this winter. So he was giving us a heads up to keep our trucks wash and rinse off frequently. I figure I'd pass this along to the Idaho members.

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I haven't seen anywhere that salted worse than ND. They put so much of that crap down that all the roads turned white. If you drove through a puddle, your truck would turn white. Almost any and every vehicle that was at least 10 years old all had giant holes in the wheel wells above the tire because all that stuff would get up in there and sit. It was horrible. I was washing the truck at least once a week if not more just to get all that crap off, and that is a lot easier said than done when it is -30*F average for 4 months.

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