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So, after fighting and fixing the jeep, and fixing the jeep, and fixing the jeep, and...well, you get the idea.  All the work and never any return.  I finally gave up on it and traded it in.  Picked this gem up.  My plan is to leave it unmolested, using it as my daily driver, and moving the 96 to the work/play truck.





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Rancherman....ruh roh. If it makes you feel any better, my buddy has had zero issues with his...I seem to have gotten a bad one...but it was a 2006 liberty CRD...at least you know if you bought it before last week, you didn't get mine!

The truck is an 06 Megacab, 4x4, automatic, bone stock except for the flatbed, ranch hand, and a 2.5 leveling kit. 143k mile. I did discover today while hauling a mini excavator, and stopping in my buddy's backyard, that i m going to have to do some work on the tcase...pretty sure the chain is loose, if its not the gears themselves. Other than that, nothing major that I can tell so far. Trans shifts solid, no sloppiness, engine runs smooth, and all the controls work. Kids love it-and they can't kick the back of my seat while drivng!

Rancherman, if you want to talk more about the CRD, depending on what you know of it already, feel free to the me a call, 7604053016.

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Thanks Man!

I joined up  @ Lostjeeps.com,       and been  getting  educated!


Looks like  I need to  stock up on window regulators  (both fronts are  now  propped up with   pvc pipe)  awaiting  new   regulators,  then  the  better  metal  clips  which  are the problem...

Thermostat is   shot..

looking very seriously at  a  'tune'  from  GDE   for  eliminating the   egr..

.......... So,   I have  a few projects   before ol'man winter sets in!


So far,  the   trans  doesn't  seem to have  the   infamous   TC  shudder..

Still have  some  time/miles to go before  the  timing belt   replace..

After all the  wrecks  my wife has been in,   I've been  pretty  nervous  on buying  'yet another  scrap yard  graduate''......!  So  we've  been   toyota'ing   3 wide  in the   94 pickup   the last year...   It  was TIME    for  something with 4 doors!

*only time the  Ram  moves,  is when there is an actual  'payload'..   (cows or hay)

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If you're interested, I have the GDE tuner box, I'd let go fairly cheap, as well as the cam locking pins and timing belt tensioner tool.

yep.   Interested!   lemme get through  harvest  here,  and  we'll   make a deal!     shoot me a  pm  if  my  mind slips..  say within a month?


I'll call Keith @ GDE  and  see  about   buying  yours,   and  what   (if  anything) needs  to be done  to   erase your old tune,  to load mine.   They are   VIN  protected.

You wouldn't  by chance also have the  cam locking  tool? :pray:


GET THIS EVERYBODY~~~    the  VM  engine  in our Jeep  doesn't use  any   positive  key  to  lock the  cam gears onto the   camshafts...   strictly a  friction  fit, not even tapered!!!    I had  problems  wrapping my head around  the  12v  cummins  doing  the same  with the  IP.

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I have a generic cam locking tool, not specific to the Jeep, as I couldn't find the jeep one anywhere when I needed it. Let me know what Keith says, im pretty sure I could wipe it and you could use it...had to leave the tune on the Jeep, to keep the CEL off, as I'd deleted my Egr tubes and fcv valve, lol. Didn't want the dealer figuring that out.

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Couldn't send a pm...

I've attached a few pages to show the cost of the tools I do have, and then listed what I would like to get...asking about 50% of what I paid new. Unfortunately, I don't have the actual cam locking tool, but the one I did buy was a generic one, that worked...I'll dig it out of the toolbox and take a picture of it for you. Let me know if what you think of the pricing, and I'll hit you up later...


VM1053 for $30

VM1052 for $22


VM9660 for $30

The flash programmer, if Keith will unlock it, for $100,

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This is the style camshaft locking tool I used, worked fine for me.  I may hang onto this one, in case I need it for my Jetta, but I found it for about $80, vs the miller tool which from what I gather is around $900 right now....



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