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Hey Guys, Deric (deej) Kettel here.  I own a 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 with the 5.9 diesel in it.  I bought it back in 2001 and absolutely still love the truck.  As a member, moderator and admin on a popular Kawasaki site, it feels weird starting at the bottom again on a new site but I read some of the posts related to a problem I am experiencing and have experienced as far back as 2004 I really appreciated the cooperation I read in all of the responses here.  It really sounds like you have a bunch of good guys that are willing to spend the time helping each other out.  I'll post in the appropriate forum on my Transmission hunting/locking and unlocking issue, but for now;' I'm glad to have found this site.  I was a member on a couple of other popular Dodge sites about 8 years ago, but they seemed to have gone the way of selective membership, paid sponsorship and even trying to make a profit charging to even be members.  I would rather donate than be required to pay for great advice.  Free exchange of ideas and information still continues to be one of my favorite things left in this world today.  Anyway, I'll post up my issue in the right thread as soon as I get more time.  Talk to you all soon.  :)





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Nice to have you aboard. You will find a lot of posts on this site that have had this same problem. The guys on this site are

always willing to help .Welcome.



Thanks guys, I'm feeling optimistic about the alternator repair.   :)

My bumps are too far north to be a GUY :lmao:  :lmao:  :lmao2: 

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