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checking waste gate travel on the '00

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after reading a couple recent posts here about  various  symptoms,   checking the  wastegate for  being stuck  was  mentioned a few times.

Thought I'd  check  mine.   Shoot  some air, about  20 lbs?    What kind of travel  should I see if working ok?    Is  90 degree bellcrank movement  about right?   To be honest,   I  don't even know if  the bellcrank is  even visible from the topside!   I know I can see the rod  going back..

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pressuring the wastegate line up to 20psi should be sufficient to make it move to fully open, I don't think it even moves 90° but its been a little while since I replaced my actuator. As long as the actuator moves and returns freely it should be good, I've never seen the wastegate in the turbo itself have problems it always seems to be just the actuator itself that fails.

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I can't speak for the 24 valve wastegate, but I imagine it's pretty close to the 12 valves.


Caution; All this info is from my 96.


Full Travel is 28*, or .390" When the wastegate actuator IS NOT hooked up.

Full Travel is 20*, or .272" When the wastegate actuator IS hooked up (32 psi (spring starts to bind)).  It will go all the way to 22.8* (.315") but that's @ 60 psi.    

Stock starts to open @ 11 psi.

At 20 psi, it is open .125"


Here's a chart I made, this is the wastegate actuator not hooked up to anything, so it starts moving at low pressure.   Blue is stock.  Bottom is PSI, Side is tenths of an inch.


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