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I cant help but brag...


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Alright, so there have been a few things in my life that have redirected my outlook on personal health, hygiene, etc. With younger generations focusing more and more on well-being and with increase in awareness of whats in our food and maybe even obamacare, people are focusing on their health more.


Now, such a thing does not mean that it affects me and what I do at my day job more, but it makes my future potentially brighter. Like I say, I can't help but brag. Why, you may ask? Well, it turns out, there is a local company that I never knew existed until I saw them hiring when I was looking for work. I knew it had something to do with manufacturing, and it was something I felt I would be qualified to do. Out of desperation, with the last unemployment check cashed, I had to make sure I could obtain this job! Been to plenty of other interviews, no luck. Even was hired on for a week at one job to see if I would work out. That was a complicated situation. But glad I did not get that job looking back on it...


So this company I work for now, is involved in the nutraceutical business. I work in production producing some of the goods the company sells. Nutraceuticals is like the opposite of pharmaceutical. Everything we make is made with all natural ingredients that never require a prescription except in special circumstances. They have mainly been in the business of naturopathic/homeopathic. Things are changing within the company and the projected growth into certain other areas makes the business look much more promising and the future ever brighter!


I could try and go on and explain the history of the company and how its conducted itself in the past 30 years as a business, but it would be a long winded thread. Needless to say, within the company they include every employee in their training programs. They are a very adamant company of making sure that who works for them is and stays the cream of the crop of workers. Without a good base of employees, the company won't make it!


With the way my life has been going, I suppose one could call this wisdom, I find myself seeing things differently and of much more importance. The revelations I experience through life and the awareness I gain from things, truly shows how wretched this world can be.


I have been with the company for almost a year now, and by the grace of God, my wife even works there, too. She actually broke out of her shell, stepped out of her comfort zone and reached for something she though she never could do. She became a lead. Its a step below supervisory position and one step higher than me! Wow! Way to go, wifey!


Now, bragging about my wife is not the point of this thread. The point is that the company that I never knew about that has been around longer than me, is doing something so great in this world, I cannot help but share it! Many say, work a job you like. Its important to be happy with what you do! I could not agree more. Now, initially, it was just like any other job. It was something that I could hope to collect a check from to just make sure I could keep something over my head and put something in the belly!


It has not been without its challenges, and no job is perfect. But really, I can safely say, this job, so far, has been the best I have ever had! Really! I'm actually happy to go to work for this company. I take pride in my work because the company takes pride in itself. The direction the company is going make me feel very special to work for them. Not only are my wages good enough to make a comfortable living, I also receive benefits that exceed my expectations.


But what has begun to really help me set this company apart from all the other jobs I worked at, or products that I have had is the type of training I received today. I was made aware of what they do and what their competitors do. Something that has inspired me so much to the point that I cannot help but share this with all of you.


I'm not at liberty to discuss this sort of thing as I want to make sure that I'm not violating and rules, but will share a link to their website and you can read up on it yourself. I must say though, if you are an individual that takes your health seriously, and want to gain a deeper understanding what it is exactly what your consuming, you need to read this!


Since I have learned about GMO foods, it has got the train rolling. Since this revelation, I now pay attention ALOT more about what I put in my body. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world about things and exposures.


I know this all may sound vague, but I'm doing it so there is no possibility of me disclosing something I should not be. So please, if you are taking supplements or anything health related, take some time and read up on this and what is being said about whats being produced in this world!




IF the day ever comes that I stop working for them, I will continue to try and take ONLY their products, given what I know about them and how we manufacture our goods! I really do give this place a HUGE :thumb1: !


If anyone has questions about their products, and even interested in purchasing some, PM me and I can get you in a good direction. No, I'm not a sales rep!

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That's a cool write up and cool company.


You know... the way Food and Drug Administration allows all this bad stuff on the market it's a wonder if they aren't actually trying to get rid of us.

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It is quite simple......................................Follow the money. ...........................There are no profits in a healthy society.


Good for you Hex.

I married into a long time holistic family and I myself grew up on a seven thousand acre farm and ranch and we raised and grew and processed most all of our own food so I always had reservations about all the commercial processed foods and as I have gone through my last 11 months of self healing transformation and have lost 80 lbs have gained a renewed love for pure natural single ingredient foods again. I am now in perfect condition, just got my blood lab results back and finally reached a near perfect point, my natropathic DR. says at 43 I have the best Body mass index he has ever seen in his practice for my age and up. All else was in excellent condition as well, couldn't have done it without supplements as well. I use primarily Young living products as well as metagenics which is another quality co. like you work for.


You bought the book by Dr William Davis yet called The Wheat belly book? Its an excellent read and explains a lot about how grain in our modern diet is the primary cause of almost all known diseases and health issues and again................follow the money.


Here are a couple of pretty good documentaries as well.





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