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  • 2nd Gen 2001-2002 Dodge Ram Part Number Lookup tool

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    The Full Parts list can be seen below, or you can use the links to filter to the section needed.  You can find any PN needed for a Late 2nd Gen Dodge Ram Cummins Powered Truck.  A lot of parts are shared between the year, but please ensure you check that the part works for your year if we don't have a PDF for your specific truck.

    Diagrams are in place for each section.  some of the main categories are featured in the drop down menu.  These should all be Dodge specific Part Numbers.

    This should work for all late 2nd Gen Dodge Ram Trucks, 2500 and 3500 for 2001, 2002. VP44 Cummins Part Numbers included.

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    My thanks long over due. It is a great asset and have used it often. Many thanks.

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    This is brilliant!


    Thank you!

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    Hadn't been around the site for awhile. This information that someone put together is Fantastic. Like to thank You.

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    finally got a chance to check this out, its a great tool to add to my toolbox.  thumbs up man

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    An awesome resource here, we're lucky to have it!!

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    This is awesome and your time to put this together is appreciated !

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    This is possibly the best reference material ever.  

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