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  1. Mine was caused when I pasted a friends house I pulled over a 1/4 mile past flipped around looked up and there was a semi bearing down I jump into the fuel. I knew I could out run him. When I got to the driveway just before the engine died. After repriming the injection system it started. Drove it home. Then went to Council, ID. When I got home I checked the oil level I was down 3 quarts (about a quart below add). Then noticed the oil weeping out of the front of the head down along the gear case. It still starts and runs but you can see oil pushing out the front of the head slight
  2. I don't rely on the tach on the cluster to report accurate RPM data. The needle is nothing more than a stepper motor. It will flick up and down depending on value. Should use a live data tool and get actual nAnother you can try is double check valve lash on the head. I've seen a few times wherumbers. Listening to the video of start up the batteries are weak and possibly a brush out on the starter starter is slow. Should spin much faster. Then the check gauge light and the voltage was low in the first video. Address this too, this is where the bad alternator diodes come from is the
  3. The only reason why I said what I did its really common out here that lift kits and tires are typically done together. Most assume just a 1 or 2 inch leveling kits is harmless and won't mess with the axle alignment which sadly is not true. Once you do any leveling ot lift kit in the front the thrust angle (track bar length is wrong) and then the lower control arm adjustment for caster cant get enough because of the axle pushed down caster is typically washed out why the huge amount of complaints about steering issues and wondering.
  4. Well... I finally got back from DAP with the injectors and started the next day stuffing the +50 HP injectors in to the 2006 Dodge which has been named "Thor". I will say after getting all the work done and being able to drive it for the first time in nearly 3 YEARS. Yup the previous owner left it out in a field for over 2 years with a wiped out throw-out bearing. Now with the injectors and new clutch it runs pretty good. I still got a wastegate solenoid to get or fix. The best for last... I did custom license plates on the truck... MPR73MN
  5. Two man job. Just the pure weight of it and aligning on the dowel pins is rather tough. The only thing will take time is getting all the studs out and back in.
  6. Might be high on the drive pressure. I know few mention this well it finally gave up. No biggie being ive done a few its not hard. Just a heavy SOB head to pull careful and place.
  7. Both are Michael... @JAG1 Michael G. Then @Mopar1973Man Michael N. No goof but had to a bit of fun...
  8. Ok... My truck went to down after a hard run here locally. Trying to turn around on the highway and out run a semi-truck. Finally blown the head gasket. Not bad but it weeping oil out the front. Still starts and runs. Yes I know most like the smallish turbo (drive pressure) is my problem and need to upgrade. Right now with all that is going on my 2002 is going to remain down for some time and let me fix it right. I know I got to pull the head and get it inspected for sure then reinstall. I'll leave wire tap off till later when upgrade turbo can be had. Already had a nice chat with
  9. Yes sir... We are back home safe and sound by 9pm last night and unpack just enough to get to bed. Already up bright and early just mere 29*F degrees here Brrrr... Just like I left Salt Lake in a snow storm. Go back to Twin Falls and it got warm like 65*F yesterday actually had the A/C on. Yeah you got the spelling right... @Wet Vette is Eileen. My first job today is to install those injectors.
  10. I've used both clutches supplied by DAP... Valair Dual disc (early version) in my 2002 Dodge. Now I've bought the Valiar Dual Disc Quiet towing clutch which is also awesome design and better than my 2002 clutch. Then before that I've bought the South Bend Con OFE through DAP. All came with seal ball bearings for the pilot shaft. Even the clutch I did in @Jthor 1995 7.3L Ford Powerstoke came with the old school needle bearing from NAPA. Previous flywheel the dual mass spring broke and the pilot bearing was fine just drying out on lube. The clutch still had some life yet but since t
  11. This is where like oversized tires and leveling kits fall into... When any leveling kit it used it will steal the caster out as the axle is forced downward more. Typically a adjustable lower control arm is wanted. Then like track bars if there is a leveling kit installed then the thrust angle is typically wrong as it pulls the axle toward the passenger side. This is where you need a adjustable track bar. As long as you remain stock height and stock tire sizes then all stock parts can be used.
  12. While I was there in Salt Lake City Utah @Wet Vettehad here car broken into and stole my camera. First off my fault for leaving in the car. The broke out the passenger rear glass and reached in and took the camera. The hotel we were at caught it all on camera and got a clean view of the persons face. Police report filed and taken care of. Working together with Eileen we manage to get the hotel to cover the broke window with tape. Then cleaned up most of the glass in the car and in the parking lot. Got a hold of the insurance company and got them to send us to the Saf
  13. Absolutely true. Do the W-T ground wire mod and do the PCM protection fuse and most of your problems will go away. Skip all the noise filter mods, tin foil the charge lead, etc. Yank all that stuff off and just do the W-T ground mod once done that problem is over for a lifetime.
  14. Best to give you a flat level area after the defuel zone. On the fuel map figure out you common cruise pressure including climbing grades and highway travel. Old vs new with a cruise zone. 0-87 - 85 1-88 - 89 2-89 - 93 3-90 - 97 4-91 - 100 5-92 - 100 6-93 - 100 7-95 - 100 8-97 - 100 9-99 - 100 10-101 - 100 11-102 - 100 12-103 - 104 13-104 - 108 14-105 - 112 15-106 - 116 16-107 - 120 18-108 - 124 20-110 - 128 22-112 - 132 24-114 - 136 26-116
  15. @dieselautopower @Quadzilla Power @Jthor I finally made the first step of meeting vendors for the first time. Happen that @Wet Vettewanted to catch up with her older daughter. Being I was only 30 miles from Layton UT I had to go meet Jacob Kidd in person. It only a 8 hour drive over to DAP from my home. Most would say this didn't happen unless there is photos right? Big shocker for most of you... Starting from the left, myself Mopar1973Man, Yup no more pony tail on me... Then Marco From Quadzilla and then to the right is Jacob Kidd. Just behind Jacob is Mi
  16. Lower pop pressure more ADVANCED the timing. Hence why I went to 320 bar making it slightly RETARDED which now you can stack more timing. Starting at 13 and going up by plus 5... 13, 17, 22, 27... Start there. The 13 degrees will give awesome spool up being you popped low you could start at 12 and work up.
  17. Pull it out and inspect. Mine I caught before the contact finally quit. Yup got a RockAuto switch after looking up a NAPA price. I was getting random hit miss starts.
  18. Clutch safety switch is cheap through Rock auto. For info purpose still zero problems with Mobil 50 SAE Transmission Fluid still a very good option for heavy towing.
  19. Pop pressure of the injectors or dragging torque converter. Another member by @pepsi71ocean had the same problem found out the injectors were popped to low. Like my 7 x0.0085 injectors SAC had issues with stalling swapped back to VCO problem gone. Like my current injectors 7 x0.010 are popped at 320 bar with VCO nozzles.
  20. Nv4500 transmission 3.55 gears 245/75 R16 tires 66 MPH is exactly 2k RPM 82 MPH is exactly 2.5k RPM. Final to the ground is 3.69:1.
  21. Simple and main computers ground do not go to body metal in stock form. ECM, PCM, and VP44 are all on the passenger ground cable. After the W-T mod the computer will not be on the passenger battery but the gear near the VP44. All other subsystems ground to body metal. Like ABS grounds near the driver side headlight.
  22. Get some fluid from both the transmission and transfer case the one with glitter is the bad one.
  23. Actually it does still turn while unlocked. The shaft rotates slower but still it will turn. Does on my 1996 Dodge with CAD axle.
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