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  1. You can remove the seat bottom assembly by just removing the two front and two rear 10mm headed bolts that mount it to the seat frame. If you lay down in front of the seat you'll see the front two -one at each corner. Then do the same for the rear two bolts.
  2. The seat cushion pad and cover can be swapped over to your frame.
  3. @Chris O. Any update as to when you'll have your awesome tool available for sale?
  4. 99_Cummins_4x4

    ABS/brake light

    On my 99 Cummins RWAL brakes only, the ABS and brake lights would come on almost every time I started the pickup and drove it. There were a couple times that it didn't come on for a day. My cruise control would come on, but it wouldn't always set when I pushed the set button. This evening I got underneath the pickup and noticed that the wiring sheath was broken and the "white" wire had an exposed spot due to it rubbing on the rear sway bar connector link behind the gas tank. I just repaired that wire and will test it out on my drive to work in the morning.
  5. 99_Cummins_4x4

    Seatbelt bypass

    I just tried putting a jumper wire between the black/green wire and the orange/black wire on my 99 Cummins Laramie SLT and it locked my driver's side seatbelt up and it wouldn't come out at all. The seat belt light stayed on on the dash still too. I cut the jumper wire and then the seat belt would come out like normal again. I even tried the pull the seat belt all the way out and then push it into the seat belt buckle, and that didn't make my seat belt light go out. My seat belt retractor has 3 wires on the driver's power seat; Black/Green Orange/Black Green/Red I haven't checked the Green/Red wire yet for 3V reference yet, but I already changed out my clock spring a while back with a OEM Mopar one, and I don't have any air bag light or code issues. Did I jumper the correct two wires or do I need to jumper them differently?
  6. 99_Cummins_4x4

    Extended crank to start

    My friend with his built 02 Cummins engine, just started to get an extended cranking issue a couple days ago. It had never done it before, but it would crank for a lot longer and then fire up and sound normal once it was idling. What he found was 2 things - He had water in the fuel cup, and his "Water in Fuel" light in the dash was blown out. He has a Pegasys diagnostic tool and he turned the water in fuel light on with it, but it didn't come on in the dash. He drained the fuel filter cup and installed a new fuel filter and now it starts normal again.
  7. In my 99 Laramie SLT overhead console everything works, except for the trip meter. I ran the self test on it, and it said "PASSED". My friend's 02 Laramie SLT does the same exact thing. We don't get any errors on the display either. Anybody know why this is happening? It's not a big deal as the dash has its trip meter, but it's just an annoyance that it doesn't work.
  8. 99_Cummins_4x4

    Parting out 98 24V

    Does this 98 have RWAL or AWAL brakes?
  9. 99_Cummins_4x4


    My 99 Cummins has a Skyjacker lift in the front with quad shocks - one pair inside the coil springs like from the factory, and the 2nd pair are mounted to the lift and run down behind the coil springs.
  10. 99_Cummins_4x4

    Dodge ECM

    On a side note, and the pickup did this same thing with the old PCM and ECM installed, but after installing the new VIN matched PCM and then the ECM I got from my buddy, my overhead display all works - except for the trip meter.
  11. 99_Cummins_4x4

    Heater core Hell

    I agree to replace it, but if he has to work outside in freezing temps, and has nobody close to him to let him use their shop to get out of the weather, then this is an alternative that might allow him to get by until Spring with warmer temps.
  12. 99_Cummins_4x4

    Dodge ECM

    The downfall of this is that I will have to return my ECM to stock, which will erase my ABS adjustment for my 35" tires and force my speedo to be off by 10 mph at 60 mph again. I was able to download the Smarty Fed auto image to my 5 speed ECM and now it works normal like an auto trans ECM. No more lopey cam idling issue when first moved to Reverse or Drive from Park. Unfortunately the ABS adjustment for taller tires, only happens when the Smarty is married to the ECM. Once you unmarry it from the ECM to return to stock, the ABS adjustment is erased as well. That was per Bill @ Smarty.
  13. 99_Cummins_4x4

    Heater core Hell

    I was watching Garage Squad the other day and they used a brand of cooling system flush that is supposed to clean up the inside of the cooling system to look like new again. They said it worked better at unplugging heater cores than the other brands they have used. I can't remember the name of it, but it can't hurt to try it. You probably have debris up against the evaporator core and that will have to be replaced, but for now make sure there are no leaves built up around your blower motor. You might get lucky and have some there that when removed, might just give you better airflow and heat for now until Spring time.
  14. 99_Cummins_4x4

    Dodge ECM

    That's a possibility.
  15. 99_Cummins_4x4

    Dodge ECM

    I found a 2 month old Smarty S03 for $300 and I bought a Fed auto 99 Cummins software image from Mads for $120. Now I can flash my 5 speed ECM with the stock auto tune, recalibrate my speedo for my 315/75R16 tires, and enable the high idle feature in the ECM.