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  1. BrianAtSmarty

    Smarty Support

    Greetings All. You all notice that the old Smarty Resource website is now down. The plan as we were told is the Portland office was taking the website down to replace with a static page with limited information and a phone number as they are going to strictly be a call center from here on out. For forum support, and support using Customer Support Tickets please visit https://smartysupport.com Please post on the forum for assistance as out team is available to help or visit. Also our Customer Support Ticket System is up and available to assist if you prefer to communicate that way. Either way, both communication vessels are monitored and you can expect a reply in a timely manner. We are available to assist or just visit when you arrive, so come and say howdy and let us know how our team may help! Thank you Guys and Gals! Brian
  2. Good afternoon All, and Happy Friday! A kind gentleman named Roy in Arizona contacted me to let me know that his son was walking and saw a Smarty case on the side of the road. Inside was a Smarty S-06 handheld tuner. He gave me the serial number so I could track and see if it was a unit the owner had registered with me on our website. I looked it up and it was NOT registered. Please spread the word. There is someone missing a Smarty S-06 who would be happy to get it back. Thank God for honest people like Roy and his son who made the effort to get this unit back to it's rightful owner. If the person missing the Smarty tuner would get with me, I will gladly get them in Touch with Roy so they can pick up their Smarty S06. Thank you! Brian
  3. BrianAtSmarty

    2001 ecm

    Indeed as Dave mentions, we can do it. We can use a 98.5 ecm on an 02 or the other way around. Please make a support ticket to me at www.smartyresource.com 00, 01, and 01.5 are the preferred ecms with the 02 next in line. Manual or auto, no difference. Thank you! Brian
  4. BrianAtSmarty


  5. Good morning! Indeed there is. https://smartyresource.com/forums/forum/31-smarty-news/ Please find your update on our download area. Thank you! Brian
  6. BrianAtSmarty

    4x4 won’t work! Help

    I will vouch for the 4x4 posi-lok as well. I no longer worry about my actuator failing on my 98.5 at the worst time and the 2WD low is great for backing trailers.
  7. BrianAtSmarty

    Electrical bug! Bad ECM

    Indeed let me know Dave. On the Smarty site www.smartyresource.com you will see the support tab so you can designate the ticket to recovery. I watch those pretty close and unless I am in the shop or in a conference I will jump right on it pretty quick.. Thank you!
  8. BrianAtSmarty

    Electrical bug! Bad ECM

    It sure can. 00, 01, or 01.5 are the prefered ECM's. You can get ahold of me on our support system @ www.smartyresource.com with the truck information and I can have my programmer build the truck specific recovery software to allow using a different ECM..
  9. BrianAtSmarty

    Smarty S03: Tuning & Testing of Can-bus Fueling

    Good afternoon notlimah! I am not aware of any plans to publish these details in our manuals in the near future. Thank you much!
  10. BrianAtSmarty

    Smarty S03: Tuning & Testing of Can-bus Fueling

    Thank you Nick! Gentlemen! I am not a professional tuner writing tunes for a living nor do I pretend to be one. Also I am not a qualified UDC Pro trainer. As to our Catcher tuning, we do not have those tuning specifics publicized. And we do not dial in tuning for each individual customer and truck, but give those adjustable parameter options to the end user to fine tune his own truck, and Smarty does not do Custom UDC Pro tuning for end users. We do however offer a tuning platform offering everything one needs in the UDC tables and parameters. I would advise those gentlemen wanting the ability to make the best tune for their individual trucks to utilize the Smarty Touch UDC Pro platform. We have some good knowledge here on this thread, With Nick, Michael, and several of you other gents who have the ability to utilize the Touch/UDC Pro to best achieve the desired goals. You have EVERYTHING you need right there. The older S-03 platform that was released 15 years ago was a great platform and ahead of it's time. One can utilize the "Basic" UDC on the S-03 to help to optimize tuning for the VP but to compare this 15 year old platform, even with the addition of the UDC "Basic" to what we have available to us in UDC Pro with the Touch, well, one can not compare to the advancements of the Touch and UDC Pro. The ultimate answer to what you gentlemen want is in the UDC Pro with the Smarty Touch platform. Thank you Guys!
  11. BrianAtSmarty

    Smarty S03: Tuning & Testing of Can-bus Fueling

    Thank you for the invite to join in. That is much appreciated. I've linked this thread to the top and asked for a response so I hope to have something for you. Thank you much, Gentlemen!
  12. BrianAtSmarty

    Smarty S03: Tuning & Testing of Can-bus Fueling

    Hi John, Nick told it correct. And the Banks gauges I installed on my near new 89 and I paid too much for being uneducated back then. Re-branded auto meters back in those days with a stiff price tag. They worked well as long as I owned that beast. Good morning Pepsi, Timing raises in steps with each SW level increase. Thank you!
  13. BrianAtSmarty

    Smarty S03: Tuning & Testing of Can-bus Fueling

    Thank you for the welcome Back Gents! Looks like notifications are working again.
  14. Smarty UDC Pro RT Version Good morning folks! Today we released a new software version for UDC Pro RT. http://smartyresource.net/forum/showthread.php?1060-Smarty-UDC-Pro-RT-Version-0-0-0-8 Thank you! Brian
  15. UDC Software Update, 3-29-16 Good morning. Today we are releasing a new software update. http://smartyresource.net/forum/showthread.php?1054-UDC-Software-Update-3-29-16&p=5223#post5223 Thank you!