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  1. blkjack

    Heres what you need Dorkweed

    All I can say is :wtf:and I like how the had to tie the thing down so she didnt get away from em and still at that jumped up pretty good.
  2. blkjack

    Hello from CO

    I guess you could call them a "bolt on" or "plug in" lol. I just pretty much just ordered all the bulbs from http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/index.cgi?action=DispPage&Page2Disp=%2Fmini-wedge.html and total cost in all about $35 it was pretty simple to do just hard part was finding the right bulbs for the headlight switch and the heater controls but now have all the #'s so no prob. As for the Quad yes this is the only tuner that I have had on my truck and I like it very well have had no problems at all does everything I could ask of it but think its time for some 150 injectors
  3. blkjack

    65mph and shaking

    The tires can be balanced if that is what you are asking and also the alignment can be set. To me it does sound like balance problems but could be the dreaded death wobble. I had the same problem on a Jeep Grand Cherokee of mine and tried everything from new tires, balance, rotate, everything I could think of and finally in my case new shocks and steering stabilizer cured it.
  4. blkjack

    Fueling with a flatbed

    One of my delivery trucks C4500 has a refer box on it and we have the same problem with it also one of our fire trucks K2500. What we have done is carry a block of wood with an angle cut into it so that we are able to drive the rear wheels up on it to gain a bit of more angle to the fuel flow. Sometimes a bit of a hassel but keeps from pouring fuel on the ground and your shoes plus fills faster.
  5. blkjack

    Hello from CO

    Thank you both. I have for the longest time wanted a cummins I think since the first came out and finally last year was able to find my gem and take pride in everything about it long live cummins
  6. This is awesome thanks I just downloaded the app for my blackberry and am posting this from there. It makes browsing and posting on forums sooooo much easier and loads a lot quicker.
  7. blkjack

    Hello from CO

    Here is my truck 02 6spdHeres the instrument clusterThe Heater and headlight controlsAnd the interior lights and the led strip I mounted under the dash I kinda like the blue theme that I have going on in there looks pretty cool at night crusing down the road. I all started with my sirius having a blue screen and bought a stereo that had color changing capabilities and has evolved into a blue led madness.
  8. blkjack

    Bear hunting rifles

    Out here in CO cross bows are only legal during rifle season which is IMHO the way it should be unless like stated ^^^ medical reasons or such. As for guns have a couple 12ga shotguns a .270 remington a .243 Savage (wifes) a handful of .22's, 9mm Hi point(beater gun couldnt see payin high $$$ for one that rides around in the truck all the time and knocked around in the woods), a .357 Ruger Blackhawk, .380 auto again wifes, and my most favorite of all pride and joy Ruger M77 22-250 with varmint barrel and 10x60 scope bi pod and night spotlight on it can reach out there and touch them coyotes which it is just about time around here to get out and start calling. And then a PSE compound that i still shoot all the time that i bought when I was 14 lol but still a damn good bow and gets the job done. But sorry no pics i will try to get one later of my 22-250 tho and post
  9. blkjack

    Hello from CO

    As a matter of fact this is the exact place that I aquired the info from . And have been using it every tank for almost a year. And today I have had my truck for exactly 1 year and love diesels more than ever and dont belive i will ever own another gasser . Thank you all for the welcom and look forward to talking and learning more from you all!!
  10. blkjack

    Hello from CO

    Hey everyone!! I live in Southern CO have had a diesel for right at a year (to be exact the 15th will be one year aniversary for it) it is a 01 quad cab short bed 6spd it didnt take long for the mods to start on it and have been lurking around on here with all of the awesome info that mopar man has compiled for us to use (thank you sir) and have used alot of the valuable info to know what and how my truck operates and what i wanted to to do with it. Anyways it has a quad adr. 4" straight turbo back exhaust airdog 150 bhaf and gauges, I have also added all blue led lights through out the interior from overhead interior lights to inst cluster, pillar gauges and heater and headlight switch lights as well. Enough of me boring you all with my junk just wanted to say hi and what an awsome place here and glad to be apart and to hopefully contribute as well
  11. WOW very impressive sir I do love the cummins for what they can do for sure. How many miles do you average a year?