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  1. Thank you. I will wait and see what they provide. They want to go with a cummins top hat part number. We'll see.
  2. So I finally was able to look at the valve seals and you were correct. The seals were tore up and squished. What was the p/n of the top hat you used? I contacted the head shop and they agreed to replace with either cummins top hat or the oness you used.
  3. I really enjoyed your's and MossyOak71's research and application of replacing the valve seals. I now lost that thread but hope to check mine out this weekend. Just recovering from back surgery so my skills are limited until I am feeling better. Thanks again. BTW when I reply to a post, how do I reply and include the post I am responding to?
  4. Based on the indicators what is guiding you to seals versus turbo. As imentioned earlier i also thought it might be seals. Ill check and let you know. Thank you
  5. The head is a brand new head as well as valves, valve springs and seals. I currently have 50hp injectors that were installed May of 2011. The blue smoke is definitely oil by the smell. The codes I was picking up P0341 and P1693. I have received these several times. Just last week I had the cam position sensor replaced. Since then I haven't driven it enough to regenerate these codes.
  6. I would like to add some info as I am experiencing blue smoke as well. I just had the head replaced about 6 mos ago. I thought that the valve seals were bad/failed. I know in a gas engine if it smokes at startup only it typically was valve seals. When I was on I-70 going through Aspen, they had the road blocked and I sat with the engine running for over 30 min. Just sitting there it looked like I was fogging for mosquitoes as a lot of blue smoke was pouring out. Once I was in motion, the blue smoke eventually dissipated. So, from what I understand is it could be blow-by if the vent tube
  7. So does this mean that a single will support non-smoke for 7x.013 injectors or just the 7x.012?
  8. Thank you for your help. I will start looking for an android device. Any problems with OS versions?
  9. Forgive me if this is not the correct thread for my question. I am just about ready to upgrade to a Quad, injectors and turbo. The question regarding injector size to turbo. One thought I had is a set of 7x.012 with a 62/68/12/14. Another idea is to go all out with twins and 7x.013 injectors. I wanted to stay with a single at first because I wanted to qualify for summer sled pulls, but if going to twins is really the correct approach, I will hang up my sled pull hitch forever and go with the twins. I do have an already beefed up transmission, ported head with head studs.
  10. They do seem to be cheaper. If I remember, to use the android, do I need to get the iQuad BT?
  11. If I may inject a question regarding the Quad. I have seen different positions on the best type of display device for the Quad: IPhone and Android. So now that I am preparing to move forward with a Quad which display device should I use? I also have some questions on injectors and turbo/s if I can locate the correct feed.
  12. Nicarlov


  13. I have a 700 BDL 30-06, a Browning 338 Rem Ultra Mag, an Armalite AR-10, a S&W .500 Mag revolver and a lever action single shot 12 gauge.
  14. Thank you. Maybe I can just remove the old one and put the Quad in its place.
  15. Question, I currently have the Edge CTS2 and displays fuel pressure, can I tap into that sensor with the Quad?
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