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  1. I have a 700 BDL 30-06, a Browning 338 Rem Ultra Mag, an Armalite AR-10, a S&W .500 Mag revolver and a lever action single shot 12 gauge.
  2. Thank you. Maybe I can just remove the old one and put the Quad in its place.
  3. Question, I currently have the Edge CTS2 and displays fuel pressure, can I tap into that sensor with the Quad?
  4. Cool, Thank you all for your help. After looking at the tune data I think I might be able to catch on once I get my hands dirty. Thank you again.
  5. So do I order the tuner here or go to the Quad website?
  6. I know you mentioned you had various tunes available, but is tuning something that I could even do? Also, I am thinking to get the quad, 7x.012 injectors and then swap out the ATS 3000 for a bit larger turbo. With all this, the quad should be able to tune to get full power, yet adjust the fueling to minimize/eliminate the smoke.
  7. If I may jump in here, I would need to remove all related Edge products(CTS2 Insight and the Juice w/Attitude) to install the Quad Adrenaline V2. Is this correct? Aand you say that I could make adjustments to eliminate low boost smoke.
  8. I'll give you a call when I am ready for the Quad and update my injectors. Thank you for all the info. Have a good weekend and Diesel Drags in Pueblo.
  9. Thank you. I guess I need to do some research. I don't understand why the DDP 150hp injectors I can't use, smoke so much more than the 7x.012 (250hp). so much so I had to take them out, now just sitting on the shelf. I apologize, didn't mean to change the subject or take away from what LegendaryKing was trying to learn.
  10. Thank you again for your article. So what I understand is I can get better efficient power from running the right size injectors over stacking tuners. Maybe I should buy you lunch some day. :-)
  11. Actually I answered before I read your article, so no I haven't heard this before. Outstandingarticle. Thank you for sharing. I've seen different terminology for injectors, what does the 7x .012 mean?
  12. I have heard that alot. I like LendaryKing wants 500hp. Actually I want 650. But! I live in C.S. which has emissions therefore I am having difficulty getting there. I do like the idea of the Adrenaline which provides more precise tuning. Since I am not familiar with the Quad, I am assuming I will need to remove the edge w/attitude. I do have low rpm smoke that maybe the tuning might get rid of.
  13. In my opinion, I would stay with the vp44. There are a lot of reputable manufacturers out there. I have 435 hp to the rear wheels with an aftermarket vp44, 50hp injectors, ATS 3000 turbo, Edge CTS2 w/Attitude, and a smarty. Also 5" exhaust.
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