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  1. I have a spare under the seat of my truck as well, but it has the wrong programming. Smarty can get you the correct software to upload. PCM is original, but my ECM gave up the ghost around 93k.
  2. Can any of these ECMs be programmed to your specific truck? I kept a spare ECM from a 2001 Ram 2500 H.O. 6 speed. The Cummins ID numbers are the same as my ECM. But when I installed on my truck to make sure it worked I no oil pressure gauge or temp gauge, but the engine ran and drove fine. Just threw the CELs of course. My ECM with 3947912 went bad. Had ACS fix it, but had to send it back once. Been good so far but I don't drive the truck much.
  3. Pfff...now the pictures are there. I swear they weren't there yesterday.
  4. Not to get off topic, but the pictures are missing from the simplified bypass write-up.
  5. @ThreadzyHappen to have a list a parts you bought? And a list of the machine work turbo lab did? I may just want to do this as well.
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