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  1. gipperkid

    Front sway links

    I have Suspension Maxx on my 1500 and 2500. Only because both trucks are lifted in the front.
  2. gipperkid

    47RE advice

    Yes. In Wooster, Ohio.
  3. gipperkid

    47RE advice

    Not trying to get off topic, but has any used or know anyone that has used a RedLine Diesel Power transmission.
  4. gipperkid

    Dodge ECM

    Sweet. Well let me know if that's something you would be willing to do.
  5. gipperkid

    Dodge ECM

    That's a good deal. Any chance you would want to ship the Smarty to me so I could enable high idle?
  6. gipperkid

    7x.0085 75HP POP pressures

    I can definitely relate. My first brand new truck was a 2006 Tundra. Had it for seven years and sold it for $10k less than what I paid for it. Had 22,000 miles when I sold it and still had the original battery. Only was a dealer for a ball joint recall. I know 22k is not 375k, but I sure do miss that truck.
  7. gipperkid

    Dodge ECM

    Hey @99_Cummins_4x4 sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately none in stock right now.
  8. gipperkid

    7x.0085 75HP POP pressures

    I just had a set of injectors rebuilt with 150 nozzles. $110 to rebuild/setup, plus cost of nozzles. Talk to Jacob @dieselautopower. I messaged him about it. I also had called in and was told $150. Maybe forum members get a little break.
  9. gipperkid

    Dodge ECM

    Flagship buys PCMs/ECMs from salvage yards. They clean up the case and bead blast it to make it look like a reman or new one. Not sure if they program the PCM/ECM or outsource that. We sell about 10 modules a month to Flagship.
  10. gipperkid

    9004 to 9007

    Will those fit in 2nd gen housings like the D2S projector? And also, who won the raffle. I am kicking myself for forgetting to enter...
  11. 1 Factory Radio. They buy all of our OE radios, rebuild them and add Aux/USB ports.
  12. gipperkid

    IQuad App version, Android

    Well now I can't get the notification to pop up now. I guess if it does it again I'll screen shot it.
  13. gipperkid

    IQuad App version, Android

    Opened the IQuad app and I got a message saying I needed to update to the current verison. I have 1.9.41 installed and that is the current version on the Play Store. But I found a download for 1.9.5.
  14. gipperkid

    Injector nozzle size

    Figured as much. I was just curious. Regardless, I wasn't putting the injectors in my truck without them being gone thru first.
  15. Had DAP rebuild some injectors with 150 nozzles. I got the injectors in a trade that were supposed to be 200's. The numbers on the nozzle are DSLA 150 P 755, and a 77103 with 939 below. It's not a big deal, I was just curious if these were actually 200s. The notes said all 6 old nozzles were leaking anyway.