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  1. @ThreadzyHappen to have a list a parts you bought? And a list of the machine work turbo lab did? I may just want to do this as well.
  2. Is the HE351 still a popular swap versus going with a 62/68/12?
  3. So I'm guessing ACS blamed the failed repaired ECM on a still existing problem on your truck?
  4. Yes, as far as cost definitely expensive. I already have a FASS, but I was just looking at reliability. Any electric motor/pump will fail eventually. I wish I would have bought the Fuel Boss instead.
  5. Probably a dumb question. But could the fuel boss could be used in conjunction with a FASS? Once running the Hobbs switch would just cut the power to the FASS.
  6. Eventually plan on getting a 62/68/12. But are you saying 7 x .011's are better for the size turbo? I already have 7 x .010s to go in.
  7. Just recently had to send my ECM back to be repaired again, after only 3 months. Need to find time to check the wiring harness I suppose. But I've had the spare ECM since and no issues at all.
  8. @Dynamic I brought up the need for a billet intermediate shaft in another thread. What is your position when to use a billet intermediate?
  9. I mean like a Dynamic or Firepunk built transmission. Just want to know if a billet intermediate should be added during a build.
  10. For a normal built trans that is not abused is it better to have the billet intermediate?
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