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  1. gipperkid

    VP44 question

    Ok sounds good. Just didn't want invest time on installation if the clicking sound was not normal. Of course it could still have issues, but won't know until it's on the engine.
  2. Strapped for cash so I pulled a VP44 off a spare engine. It is a Magnum 24-4015. But when I spin the shaft it sounds like a ball bearing clicking. Kind of like a valve opening and closing when it hits each injector line port. It's been rebuilt at sometime because the pump is much cleaner than the engine is. Not sure if that is normal or if it shouldn't make any noises when spun over. Also would it be worth while to send it out to be bench tested.
  3. gipperkid


  4. Uh oh. When did this problem show itself? I thought with the lower timing range things were safe.
  5. @Mopar1973Man Is this a cheaper alternative to the Nations Alternator?
  6. I have thought about the 62/68 but I thought there would be lag with a large single like that. Hence the new SX-E 57/65 or a 62/65.
  7. The 7 x .010's would be well suited with one the above mentioned turbos: https://www.dieselautopower.com/dap-screaming-eagle-sxe-fmw-2nd-gen-fit-57-65-14-t3-gated-hx40 https://www.dieselautopower.com/dap-screaming-eagle-sxe-fmw-2nd-gen-fit-57-65-12-t3-gated-hx40
  8. Realistically, I would say 400-450 hp. No more than 500 hp.
  9. Definitely would like the turbo to be quick spooling. With the Quad, would either of these turbos be suited OK with 7x.012s? And if going to a SXE 62/65 or 62/68 would the quick spooling be gone? Or these turbos getting into the higher horsepower range (500+)?
  10. @dieselautopower With the S200GX-E, is the 400hp at the crank or to the wheels. Turbo for around 450hp range?
  11. I know this subject has been covered before. But I have a quick question. My buddy has his 99 Dodge that has the infamous lockup issue. I told him over and over it was the alternator. I told him to test by unplugging the alternator and of course the issue cleared up. I said he needed to get a Nations Alternator but he bought an O'reilly's reman alternator. After about a week he has having the same issue. But now even with the alternator unplugged the trans is still surging in and out of lockup. Could the PCM be failing now?
  12. No, just black. None taken. Completely understandable. I just had a few stashed backed and decided to let go of one.
  13. Could have saved you half that cost. I have a bezel for sale in the classifieds.
  14. View Advert 4" downpipe 4" downpipe Has stock-style turbo flange $45 shipped Advertiser gipperkid Date 08/28/2018 Price $45.00 Category 2nd Generation Dodge Ram  
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    4" downpipe

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    4" downpipe Has stock-style turbo flange $45 shipped