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  1. Yes. I cut the VP44 plug and wires off a bad harness. Put extra long leads on the positive and negative wires to reach the battery. Basically to hot wire the VP44 for testing.
  2. Look no further............. https://autocomputerspecialist.com/shop-now?olsPage=products%2F1998-2002-dodge-ram-cummins-diesel-59ltr-i6-ecm-ecu-repair-service
  3. What about some how merging the M73M.com site with TDR or CF?
  4. I know I have not subscribed yet, and I plan too. But I was going to ask how many subscriptions there were since the change. Did the donations page go away? I know I had a made a $50 donation to the site itself.
  5. Yea I figure it must be a dirty connection because I just ran home for lunch and the gauges are functional. Of course still have a stored CEL P1698.
  6. I suppose I'll have to send the ECM back in to be tested.
  7. Got a P1698 this morning. Recently had my ECM repaired by ACS. The truck has been running fine since installing the repaired ECM, and doing the ground mod. Leave for work this morning and the truck is stumbling and billowing white smoke which I know is due to the failing VP44. However, the dash dings, lose all gauges, ABS, brake, Air bag, CEL, low fuel all illuminate. I cycled the truck on and off two times and the gauges were working, but had a CEL light, only codes P1698, P0216. Still able to pull codes with scanner. Drove to work fine. Went to move my truck and no bus again, no gauge cluster, and all lights illuminated. But the truck still runs and drives with no issues. Is it possible the ACS repaired ECM could be causing issues or is this ground related?
  8. I tracked down a driver and passenger re-tractor, just waiting to get them pulled.
  9. If the ECM is bad, try one from another truck. I had to do this to get my truck home. I used one from a 2001, and only thing the didn't work was the oil pressure gauge (different signal/wiring).
  10. @WiscoRedkneck @Mopar1973Man here is a video of my truck this morning. https://youtu.be/xpLHGUi5cv8 No throttle (dead pedal), no power, and white smoke. The RPMS just stop, even with the go pedal matted. I have a stored code of P0216. Eventually after a few minutes it will clear up and run right, but it happens more than I would like. I am assuming with these symptoms my injection pump will eventually die all together. I have no CELs, but maybe your VP44 gave up the ghost with no warning.
  11. So wait..... we're pulling the plug or letting this new system ride out and see what happens?
  12. I second calling ACS. They repaired my ECM. Side note: For as many times as ACS has been mentioned on here, the site should could a kick back for referring business. I mean since we are trying to generate funds for the site. Just sayin...lol!
  13. Could the Fuel Boss be installed on a truck that has a FASS system on it? Using the HOBBS would shut the FASS off after the engine was started.
  14. We did the cash for clunkers here in the US. I manage a salvage yard and all the "Clunkers" that were traded in the dealerships sold to salvage yards for dirt cheap. There were a lot of nice cars and trucks that went to waste. One that stands out was an early 90's Toyota truck v6 4x4 with 30k miles.
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