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  1. gipperkid


    If you have 4.10s that sounds right. Driving easy on the skinny pedal is your best bet.
  2. This is exactly what I like. Real world feedback. I'm sure there is someone that is running a Firepunk on here. But I do see the importance of have a local builder should any issue arise.
  3. That's good to know. I figure I'd like to be around 400hp, maybe 500hp if the Quad gets turned up. Did you do the install yourself or did you do it at Jon's shop?
  4. I figure a billet output is one of those piece of minds things.
  5. @notlimah @crf450ish Did either of you add a billet output to the build? And DPC or Goerend Converter?
  6. Thanks. Driving is too far. Would be a nice trip though. Jon said I could ship him my trans. I didn't think Goerend was doing builds any longer. I am the type of person that likes to do business based on real world experiences from the end user. I didn't know of Dynamic until I saw him mentioned on the forum. Firepunk is about 1 1/2 hours North of me. I have heard good things about them also. From a cost standpoint, even with adding a billet output, I can freight my trans to Jon and still be ahead on the cost of a Firepunk. But I may venture another call to Firepunk. I do agree about having a builder local so Adjustments and fine tuning would be easier.
  7. @notlimah just a quick side question so not to get off topic. How do you like the Dynamic Stage 3? I am currently saving for a trans. Firepunk is close to me, but I am considering Dynamic.
  8. It may just get sold and the funds tossed into the transmission savings account
  9. I acquired a turbo from my buddy in a trade. The tag reads: P/N: 174430, MOD: S300G 071, S/N: F2205 1296. Looks to be a 57/65/14 Super B. It's in good shape, normal side play, no in/out play. After I get a built trans I planned on running an SXE 362 62/68/14 with 7x.012s. To save money would I be ok to run the 7x.012s with the 57/65/14 turbo? I eventually would get the 62/68 but just run the 57/65 in the meantime. And yes I do have a Quad with V2, just not installed yet.
  10. If you don't want to wire you radio. There is a company that does this mod to factory radios. 1 Factory Radio. We sell all our OE radios to them for this reason.
  11. gipperkid


    Then the tune is working as it should.
  12. gipperkid


    And for that the EPA thanks you. Just another red check mark against diesel owners.
  13. Any rust free parts.......
  14. The only real benefit on a stock-ish truck would be that lovely Cummins sound.
  15. @Greenlee Yes I can get ahold of one. Send me a PM