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  1. What air line fittings are being used for the gauge senders?
  2. Well I did remove the grounds from the wire loom and relocated those grounds to the case next to the VP.
  3. Does the HE31CW require modifications to work or more drop in ready? Also is the K27 old tech? Came across a decent used one for a fair price.
  4. So just put the DVM on the battery posts while cranking? I did the W-T ground mod and have .016 at the alternator. I didn't do anything with the passenger battery grounds. So test continuity at the plug going to the cluster? Or test between the ECM plug and cluster plug? I have looked at the wiring diagram, but where does the wire for pin 37 begin/terminate.
  5. ACS emailed back with their findings: "We received your unit and it is blown again. There is a short in (vehicle) that is causing "Wait to Start" flashing. Possible causes; short in PIN 37, wrong programming or low voltage upon crank. Repairs are not covered under Warranty. We will again provide the following repairs for a discounted rate of $75.00 + shipping; new Flash Chip, replace App and Lift Pump Circuit, reflow CPU and Processor and flash with latest updates. If you repair or replace this unit and have the same issues, it will not be covered under warranty. If you decide not to have repairs done from ACS, we will give you a discounted Test fee of $35 + Shipping. Please advise as to next steps. Thanks ACS" Does this seem possible? I'm still running on the spare ECM. Regardless I'm going to have my ECM fixed again.
  6. If you can track down the factory pan gasket with the two oring seals in it. No sealant, no leaks, and reusable. @Dynamic have any sales coming up?
  7. Shipped my ECM back to ACS yesterday. They will have it today. Hopefully they can at least give me some idea what happened. I still say it's possible their repair failed. But I'm sure I'll still end up having to pay for a prorated warranty repair. However as luck would have it, I came across an ECM with my same ID number.
  8. Can the apps be bad and not throw a code? I occasionally will get a dead pedal, left off the throttle and the it will be fine. I always just assume it's the VP44 since I have the P0216
  9. Currently having issues with my ECM. My ECM is a 3947912. Running a spare from an 01 Ram 2500 Auto with p/n 3946242. Works but no oil pressure gauge. I just came across an ecm from an 01 Ram 2500 H.O. manual with p/n 3947912, same as mine. I always thought as long as the id number was the same everything was good. But will a manual ecm be fine on an auto?
  10. Yes, definitely will be a task. But it would nice if ACS could tell me what circuit is bad and I could just start there. But I honestly don't see how I have a short. I have put another 110 miles running on the spare ecm and there are no issues. Just because my ecm bench tested fine after repairs, their repair could have failed.
  11. Based on ACS's reply, I will check the harness, but I think they are trying to find a way out of a warranty claim. What and how on the harness do I go about checking/testing?
  12. Reply from ACS: After reviewing your file, your Unit tested Good after repairs were complete. Communication documentation attached. Per Tech Notes - "There is a short in Vehicle, must check and repair before installing repaired or replacement unit". Repairs performed: New Flash Chip Replaced App and Lift Pump Circuit Reflowed CPU and Processor Flashed with latest updates There must be a short in the vehicle still. This is why you are able to run your vehicle with a spare unit, over time the short in the vehicle will damage the spare unit as well if you do not repair short. This is not covered under Warranty. We can repair this unit again (at a prorated charges of $75.00 + Shipping) or you can purchase a replacement unit ($699.99 with the exchange of your old core). However, you will have the same issue if short in vehicle is not repaired. ACS Attachments area
  13. I've been driving the truck on the 01 ecm for three days now. I am getting worried about ACS though. Emailed them Thursday morning, called Thursday afternoon and the guy said "Yeah, I got your email, our techs have been busy. If you don't get a reply by the end of the day you will in the morning." No email or phone call yesterday. I just see this going the wrong way and ACS saying they won't warranty the ecm.
  14. Sent ACS an email. Definitely an ECM issue. I just threw the 2001 ECM on the truck and drove back to work. Can't read codes from the old ECM since there is no communication. Only PCM codes are P1694, P1693, and P1687 Guess I'll wait to here from ACS.
  15. And apparently I posted this in the 3rd gen section................so please move to the 2nd gen section.
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