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  1. Hey my buddy has a 00 vp truck and he just put a Quad adrenaline w/p2 and a air dog 100 and when he has it on anything but the stock tune when he steps on it he is getting a popping and snapping we were wondering if anyone has had an issue like this. Thanks
  2. Yeh mine has the external wastgate so must be a hx as for the hybrid that exactly what I was thinking. Thanks
  3. I dont know for sure, maybe it is a hy how can you tell for sure does it say on the turbo.
  4. Hey guys my local pulling association just made some new rules for a stock diesel pulling class, it says you can only use a turbo that came stock on your make model and year truck. So what I am wondering is what is the best turbo I can put on my truck? Also do you think it is possible that a hybrid 35/40 would be able to be picked up by a instpector and or maybe would not help me. Thanks:thumbup2:
  5. Yeh it eas like silt almost like mud, that makes me feel alot better, thanks
  6. Hey guys I was having a problem that if i went around 76-80 mph on the freeway with my truck and came to a stop on the off ramp the trans would only down shift to 2nd gear. So last night I put in the Borg Warner drop in replacement and it seemed to work:hyper:. Now for the bad news, when I pulled the pan off the bottom of the pan was full of metal shavings:cry: My rebuild is about 2yrs old and when I had it done I put in the good red clutchs and it seems to shift fine with no slippage so well see what happends I hope she lasts:pray:
  7. I have 2 Orbital batteries in my truck they are similar to optimas but not made by Johnson Controls (they were NAPAs version until they switched to east penn) and one is a 04 and the other a 05 and I checked them the other day and one was at 98% health and the other 80% so I think I am doing pretty good. Also just the other day I left my cargo/dome light on all night and went out to the truck in the morning and she cranked up:thumbup2: so I would recommend these spark boxes!
  8. Yeh I agree if you want to run a fuel additive run a "fuel additive" not trans fluid, if tranny fluid was good in the fuel tank then the manufacturs would try to sell it as a trans fluid/fuel additive. Just my
  9. Yeh I love my juice w/att it has the gauges, backdowns, turbo timmer, and not to mention alot of power and the push of a button:thumbup2:
  10. Hey thanks for the info. I think you should work for some of these filter companys as you probally know more than them! Thanks again.
  11. Will do but all I am getting is the pump and I use a napa #1202 on the pressure side and a napa#3405 on the suction side, they recommend a fass #fs1001 & #ff1003 thanks
  12. I dont know he just asked me if I wanted the 95 or 150 pump I have the old 2 filter system:shrug:
  13. Awsome! love it and so do the kids:thumbup2:
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