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  1. Hey my buddy has a 00 vp truck and he just put a Quad adrenaline w/p2 and a air dog 100 and when he has it on anything but the stock tune when he steps on it he is getting a popping and snapping we were wondering if anyone has had an issue like this. Thanks
  2. Yeh mine has the external wastgate so must be a hx as for the hybrid that exactly what I was thinking. Thanks
  3. I dont know for sure, maybe it is a hy how can you tell for sure does it say on the turbo.
  4. Hey guys my local pulling association just made some new rules for a stock diesel pulling class, it says you can only use a turbo that came stock on your make model and year truck. So what I am wondering is what is the best turbo I can put on my truck? Also do you think it is possible that a hybrid 35/40 would be able to be picked up by a instpector and or maybe would not help me. Thanks:thumbup2:
  5. Yeh it eas like silt almost like mud, that makes me feel alot better, thanks
  6. Hey guys I was having a problem that if i went around 76-80 mph on the freeway with my truck and came to a stop on the off ramp the trans would only down shift to 2nd gear. So last night I put in the Borg Warner drop in replacement and it seemed to work:hyper:. Now for the bad news, when I pulled the pan off the bottom of the pan was full of metal shavings:cry: My rebuild is about 2yrs old and when I had it done I put in the good red clutchs and it seems to shift fine with no slippage so well see what happends I hope she lasts:pray:
  7. I have 2 Orbital batteries in my truck they are similar to optimas but not made by Johnson Controls (they were NAPAs version until they switched to east penn) and one is a 04 and the other a 05 and I checked them the other day and one was at 98% health and the other 80% so I think I am doing pretty good. Also just the other day I left my cargo/dome light on all night and went out to the truck in the morning and she cranked up:thumbup2: so I would recommend these spark boxes!
  8. Yeh I agree if you want to run a fuel additive run a "fuel additive" not trans fluid, if tranny fluid was good in the fuel tank then the manufacturs would try to sell it as a trans fluid/fuel additive. Just my
  9. Yeh I love my juice w/att it has the gauges, backdowns, turbo timmer, and not to mention alot of power and the push of a button:thumbup2:
  10. Hey thanks for the info. I think you should work for some of these filter companys as you probally know more than them! Thanks again.
  11. Will do but all I am getting is the pump and I use a napa #1202 on the pressure side and a napa#3405 on the suction side, they recommend a fass #fs1001 & #ff1003 thanks
  12. I dont know he just asked me if I wanted the 95 or 150 pump I have the old 2 filter system:shrug:
  13. Awsome! love it and so do the kids:thumbup2:
  14. Hey I just had to replace my Fass pump and it is located under the drivers side cab corner where they recommend and it has been there for 3 to 4 years and man the thing gets abused there! It was a pain because my wonderful state knows how to use salt on their roads "RUSTY" So was wondering if anyone has made some sort of splash gaurd to protect the pump better against road spray, thanks:thumbup2:
  15. I ordered the 150 again but it is a outrite buy now, no core $300. But he said I can have my old one rebuilt for $175 but takes a little time to r&r so I will send my old one back to get rebuilt and have an extra one laying around you never know when you are going to need it and all the guys I know through the store it might come in handy:thumbup2:
  16. Yeh I think that I may have caused the problem because working at a Napa I thought I found a fuel filter that was better than they rexommened so I ended up putting a 2 micron filter on the suction side:doh: I did notice rhat the pump was surging but wasent changing psi so didnt think anything was wrong, but I think that may causwd a cavation that may have buned up the pump:cookoo:so I hope some of you guys learn from my mistake:smart:
  17. Well guys a couple of weeks ago I posted that I was having problems blowing the 30 amp fuse on my Fass pump. Well I got alot of good feedback on things to try but I put in a 30 circut breaker and had no more problems untill today:doh: Went into a store and left truck running and when I came out my fuel pressure alarm was on 0 psi:banghead: So after talking with Fass tech support I removed the pump and put straight 12v to it and nothing also noticed one of the wires going into the pump was melted off:shrug: So call Fass back and ordered my replacement pump so now I am dowm my only rig for a couple days:cry: So lesson learned get to the bottom of the problem just don't patch it:smart: Thanks
  18. Yeh that is what I like about my juice w/att it accually beeps at you because not always looking at the gauge!
  19. Yes I do agree that a gauge is better, but in some cases a gauge is only good if your looking at it. I thought at least a light would be noticable even if you werent paying attention. I think the best is maybe both so you have the noticablity of a light and a gauge to see if you have a problem:thumbup2:
  20. Hey guys I have to put a vp44 in a friends truck this weekend and he was wondering about a pressure gauge or a light? I told him that a gauge works great but if you are not always looking at it it does you no good, so he dicided on a light. So my question is has anyone made one up themself or do you just buy one from someone? Thanks:thumbup2:
  21. I agree I live in Minnesota where have $hit bio-diesel and I use FPPF bio-fuel power, one small $10 can treats 250gals and it gets rid of the water on a 1 to 1 ratio. Like AH64ID said keep on top of it not wait untile you have a problem:thumbup2:
  22. Before my local truck pulling org outlawed diesels in the stock class I could get mine down to the 6500# class with no spare, 1 batt, 1/4 tank fuel and no extra goodies:thumbup2:
  23. Cool thanks but iput a 30 amp circut breaker in and have no problem bu I dont think it solved the problem
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