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  1. mistydawn04


  2. mopar1973man where is your download of ground wiring diagrams
  3. ok i see thanks ill let yall know what happens maybe ill total it and collect insurance LOL just kidding
  4. i understand what your saying and of course that makes sense but it only does it from start up after it kicks in it runs fine and when i get where ever im going it usually doesnt do it again when i get ready to leave but sometimes it does is there anyway to check the pump to see if it is broke before i replace it?? what all year trucks have the same vp44 pump as mine its an 2002 ? cuz sometimees i buy vehicles at online auctions that are totaled or slavaged and maybe i can find a truck with same parts as mine for parts truck
  5. havent seen any white smoke what do you mean 0 timing? yes the abs light is always lit up on the dash
  6. bummer thats the last thing i wanted to have to replace right!!!! yes it was at idlewhen tested. What about a elec fuel pump inline before the injector a 12 volt? I had one of those for long time like 6 years I thought that the vp pumps just quit when they broke down not go out slowly yes speed o works most of the time but i have noticed it not working on some occassions
  7. yes hold on ill go get the code reader thing po216 p1693 po216 po230 po500
  8. Hi Yall ive been working on my truck for weeks now and cant figure out whats wrong. when i take off in first gear it wont gobut 10 mph and the rpms go way up so i shift gears still to remain only 10-12 mph then it will all of a sudden start driving right this happens all the time and i cant haul my horses down the road comfortably knowing it might break down on me. at first it wouldnt start i kept trying to start it until i ruined the starter and had to replace that and one of the batteries then the fuel filter which was very bad i cleaned out bottom of canister also. air filter and replaced the in tank fuel pump also cleaned the banjo bolt in return fuel line it worked pretty good for a day or two but is back to its not going but 10 mph at take off sometimes what should i do next i had someone put gauge on fuel pressure it was 11 should i replace the throttle sensor? help
  9. id just like your answer or if you could tell me how to open the image you had
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