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  2. I may need to readjust the bost elbow then. I cant remember but I believe I just closed the port all the way and backed it a turn and it was right at 32. Might have came loose. And with my pump, I'll try increasing the pressure before I buy a new pump.
  3. It's the 17ss from goerend. Basically stock stall speed. To everyone's conclusion I need a new turbo. Basically trying to decide whether to sell some guns or just throw it on the plastic devil. I'll be doing the ground mod today to see if it helps any. It will be good to reduce some ac noise anyway. @Mopar1973Man so I was looking at how the previous owner set up the bd noise isolate. He snipped that wire and only left about an inch from the computer. Do I need to replace with a full length wire and reattach it somewhere?
  4. Oh I see. I'll have to read more into that then. Most forums advise the super b special is great for 12v I assumed the Same for the 24v. I'm not too familiar with turbos. I do know when I was talking to Jon Dynamic. He was saying I needed a larger turbo just for the fact I had a triple disk tc.
  5. Why is that in your opinion? I read that the benefits of the 14 is less turbo bark and more durability. Do the 12 blades spool faster?
  6. I was looking at the sxe 300 64.5/73/14 and was trying to figure the difference between the two. Seems like the the super b I might be paying for the name a little. Finding a inexpensive 64mm 14 blade is troubling. I found a super b special for the 03-07 would I be able to rig it to my 98.5?
  7. Should I drop down to 1/2" lines instead? Or am I to the point I should get a 150 fass? Also back to boost and head studs. If I do get the super b special and waste gate at 37 psi should I be alright? I figure with the increased volume of air I wont need to run as much boost.
  8. I do a lot of trips to eastern Montana and a lot of the roads a 75mph so I need a bit more to end to pass. Also hauling wood through the hills is easier then when I was stock... i do wish my truck wasn't so loud though scares the deer miles away then I have to walk. So doing more testing with my original issue. I tried wot from 35 to 80 to see if it would do the same. TC locked at 70 no surging or bark and psi stayed at 32 for boost... My guess higher speeds less load during lock up. Is that correct? If so should I be flooring it to get on the freeway from now on to avoid the surging?
  9. Ah ok. I will get everything done this weekend and report the news of my issues if anything it will be good preventative maintenance to keep that expensive vp44 healthy. I just switched all my accessories to the pdc noticed my gauges aren't fluctuating anymore. I'll have to get a larger turbo then to stop the surge for sure. Hopefully I can find a BD Special for cheap or anything equal in specs. Low 500's is the most I want for hp to the wheels.
  10. Alright I'll have to give them a call. Thanks. For the w-t ground wire mod would I be getting rid of the bd noise isolate then? Also with all the accessories on the truck should I have an equal amount of leads/load to each battery or does it matter? (Accessorie Connections)
  11. Having the programmers off it should be ok to drive until I get a new turbo then correct? Or are the injectors still providing too much fuel? I was looking at the old super b specials but they are pretty pricey now. Is the special overglorified? @Mopar1973Man would ac noise also cause the engine to throttle without touching the pedal? Example. When I drive 15 min to work and coast around looking to park my truck will throttle/deadpedal until the truck is shut off. Fire it back up runs just fine then coasting around neighborhood to get home does the same thing. Does this about 1-2 times a week. Sometimes I'll go a few weeks without the problem.
  12. Sorry I meant to say that i have the Wastegate set at 32 but somehow it goes over that almost to 45psi. Was reading through your write up. It actually makes a lot of sense. Sounds like I still need a turbo though, especially with the aftermarket injectors. With terrible logic I figured if I'm not pouring out smoke that the fuel was being burned.
  13. I'll unstack it today and see if it fixes the problem. If it does I'll just keep it to pass emissions every other year. I should mention this only started happening after I put the triple disk in. If unstacking doesnt fix it any other suggestions? I've tried turning the edge off due to easy access and it still does it.
  14. Back again for my second post. So the problem is when I'm getting on the freeway if I push the throttle any more than 50% while going from 35 to get to 75. When the TC locks the truck will surge and the turbo will bark as the boost jumps from the 32psi I have the adjustable boost set at up to 45 psi. Don't know how it gets past the 32 i set it for but it does. After it locks with same throttle position after I get past 60-65 it stops and will not do it again unless I do the above scenario. I think I already know what it is, which is that I'm still running a hx35 on a built transmission and triple disk. And with all the go fast parts the turbo over spins? I should mention that I am not pouring out soot only a light haze when I do the above.(trying to keep it short sorry) I have a lot of mods... ones that are relative. New Bosch VP44 from thoroughbread about 2k on it. New timbo app 1k. Bhaf. 7x.010 SAC sticks. Edgecomp smarty stack. Goerend tc and vb. And bd stage 3 rebuild. Any thoughts of I'm correct on the stock turbo being the issue. Any ideas on how to keep the boost at 32? Bigger problems? Hunting season coming up so I'm on a tight budget... haha priorities. Thanks in advance for your replies.
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