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  1. bcbigfoot

    Version 2.7 final

    Thanks for the map sensor info/explanation. The number in the data logger is 20180208
  2. bcbigfoot

    Version 2.7 final

    My boost is off by 3psi, the Iquad is showing 3psi less than the boost gauges, checked with two different gauges, and also checked with two different map sensors. The boost gauge rises to 3 psi then the iquad starts to show pressure, then by 20 psi the iquad catches up and is accurate. How do I find out which version 2.7.1 or 2.7.7 I have? The adrenaline was updated at DAP's shop on Feb. 28/2018.
  3. bcbigfoot

    Learning the Quadzilla V2

    Like Mr. Mopar says swipe from the bottom on the tablet border and go up, this will get you a dozen or so gauges you can add. If you swipe right (left side of screen border to the center of display) then you get different gauge setups, pretty slick once you get figured it out, took me a couple of weeks. Make sure you have the proper vehicle selection profile selected or you will have trouble, you want the (V2 Dodge 1998-2002 Version 2.7 ) most likely. Quadzilla has good instructions on their website, http://quadzillapower.com/content/Forms/Instructions/iQuad_Instructions.pdf
  4. bcbigfoot

    Timing Reduct Scaling

    So when you say "low psi timing reduct", what is defined as "low psi" in numbers, Example: psi less than 3 psi or less than 10 psi or ? Thanks for any clarification.
  5. bcbigfoot

    Turbo blanket?

    Advanced Thermal Products make a turbo blanket http://www.atpwrap.com/html/dodgeram.html
  6. I wonder which side of the fuel filter is the gauge hooked to, might just be time for a fuel filter.
  7. bcbigfoot

    Alternator Question

    They are likely available but you will need to be able to solder very well. As they are soldered into place, not bolted unfortunately.
  8. bcbigfoot

    Alternator Question

    The Bosch alt. has a black plastic rear cover and typically has their name engraved. Their are pictures of each type of alt. on Rock Auto's website just to be sure.
  9. bcbigfoot

    Alternator Question

    Wish my Bosch alt. was that easy. I might look at switching over to one if this Bosch gives trouble.
  10. bcbigfoot

    Alternator Question

    Depends on which alt., there are two different makes the Bosch and the Denso. The Denso has bolted in Diodes and the Bosch which I have, the diodes are welded in (possibly soldered in) not easy to change. I had the Alt. apart several years ago to rebuild but found it to difficult ( I have rebuilt dozens of alts over the years) decided to take it to the local alt. shop to rebuild. The alt. didn't need diodes but it did need new slip rings, brushes, and bearings. On the bright side the Bosch diodes seem to be hardy as mine are the original and I have worked heck out of them. The last 8 years the truck has been loaded with a truck camper and two extra 105 ah agm batteries connected via a 4 gauge charge wire I can see 130 amp charge rates for 20 mins after starting the truck after boondocking for the night, then tapering to 40 amps. for several hrs. afterwards.
  11. bcbigfoot

    Been skunked...

    Could maybe try a weed sprayer or something like that , or a bucket and sponge and rubber/latex gloves?
  12. bcbigfoot

    Been skunked...

    To chemically neutralize the smell use a mixture of 1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide 1/4 cup baking soda 1-2 teaspoons of dish soap This was tested on myth busters and was confirmed to work.
  13. Read all the tech info on Goerends web site, it gives you a good idea of whats needed. http://goerend.com/standard-duty-applications/
  14. bcbigfoot

    Sad news

    I just checked the Star Network - Vehicle Information Report that the Dodge dealer printed off for me and it says my truck has the AHL-Heavy Duty insulation group. My truck is the second loudest 24v I have ever heard 104 decibels at the oil pan. Some say the injection pump is loud but I can't hear over the engine noise, however at highway speed it's really not all that loud and I'm a noise Nazi. I would say the Heavy duty package seems to work well.
  15. I had also come to this conclusion after reading the 2002 service manual, the service manual is at best is poorly written and confusing (actually just wrong). The hub/unit bearing is bolted with nuts and bolts (no studs) to the rotor. There is no way of removing the rotor without removing the unit bearing nut. I just did a complete brake job 1 month ago, and found the service manual wrong.