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  1. The dually rear disc brakes (2001/2002) uses larger caliper pistons than the 2500/srw.
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  3. I dropped the heater fan\motor and was able to clean most of the stuff out of the heater core by using a heated then shaped tooth brush handle and also melting and bending a vacuum attachment. A inspection mirror is also required. It's not perfectly clean but not bad, I stay plenty warm in winter.
  4. I have been using a 55 dollar 0-35 Autometer boost gauge it has worked flawlessly for the past 8 years, along with a needle valve slightly cracked open acting as a snubber.
  5. I would use 3m 5200 polyurethane adhesive, it's the best I have ever used, it's expensive at around 25$ per tube but it works, I used it to reattach the latch part (not the hinge) to the rear side window, 8 years ago. Clean up area to be glued good with acetone or similar but don't use a alcohol based cleaner as polyurethane and alcohol don't play nice together. I just checked you can get a 3 oz. tube for around 8$. The stuff is truly amazing. And no I don't own or have shares in 3m haha.
  6. My truck is a Canadian truck so it has daytime headlights, I recently noticed that the daytime headlights cause a .018 AC voltage increase. I noticed this by applying the emergency brake which deactivates the daytime lights and a drop in AC volts of .018. I don't know if this applies to any US trucks, I don't know if daytime lights were a option on US trucks. Just throwing it out there. Daytime lights work by reducing voltage to approx. 5 or 6 volts to the high beams, I don't know how they do this pulse width modulation(PWM) or resistor?
  7. Opps just noticed this is in the 12v powertrain forum, is the 47rh pan the same as the 47re. I also see that both plugs were gas welded in with brass, I must have confused the installation of these plugs with the one I installed in my Dakota, which was welded in using a mig.
  8. I cut in half a pipe female to female coupling 1/8 NPT and used a mig to weld it to the front drivers side of the pan, lower part of the pan. The pan is thick enough metal that you don't need to worry about warping, at least with a mig. I don't know if this is the best place but it seems to work well for me.
  9. Mine is this way as well at low boost pressures Autometer boost gauge reads 2 to 3 psi and the Quad shows 0 psi. By 25 psi both gauges read the same. The Quad spokesman has explained why this is, in the Quad forum of this site about 2 months ago, I can't recall the reasons off hand, I believe it had to do with ECM, or factory boost sensor, inaccuracies.
  10. Thanks for the map sensor info/explanation. The number in the data logger is 20180208
  11. My boost is off by 3psi, the Iquad is showing 3psi less than the boost gauges, checked with two different gauges, and also checked with two different map sensors. The boost gauge rises to 3 psi then the iquad starts to show pressure, then by 20 psi the iquad catches up and is accurate. How do I find out which version 2.7.1 or 2.7.7 I have? The adrenaline was updated at DAP's shop on Feb. 28/2018.
  12. Like Mr. Mopar says swipe from the bottom on the tablet border and go up, this will get you a dozen or so gauges you can add. If you swipe right (left side of screen border to the center of display) then you get different gauge setups, pretty slick once you get figured it out, took me a couple of weeks. Make sure you have the proper vehicle selection profile selected or you will have trouble, you want the (V2 Dodge 1998-2002 Version 2.7 ) most likely. Quadzilla has good instructions on their website, http://quadzillapower.com/content/Forms/Instructions/iQuad_Instructions.pdf
  13. So when you say "low psi timing reduct", what is defined as "low psi" in numbers, Example: psi less than 3 psi or less than 10 psi or ? Thanks for any clarification.
  14. Advanced Thermal Products make a turbo blanket http://www.atpwrap.com/html/dodgeram.html
  15. I wonder which side of the fuel filter is the gauge hooked to, might just be time for a fuel filter.
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