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  1. jigabop


  2. Wired connection will always be superior. No connection issues ever. 100% reliability. Can't wait to ditch the app cause my dedicated truck phone is squawking about sim card issues now. Every 5 minutes it wants to reboot because the sim card came loose or it can't read it, etc...another issue a dedicated wired monitor does not suffer from... lol
  3. They do sell some cheap chineseum phones at wally world that run android for like $30. My fiancee loves those phones. Refuses to get anything more expensive/nice LOL.
  4. Guess you didn't read this whole thread then ;) lol
  5. I use an old Samsung Galaxy S4 I set up to boot up when I start the truck automatically, and it auto-launches the quadzilla app, and it auto-shuts down when I turn the key off. I leave it in the truck 24/7.
  6. That's just a phone with a new case on it. The whole point is: we don't want another "wireless/bluetooth" monitor. We want wired. I want a monitor that is hard wired into the adrenaline box and pulls power either from the adrenaline, or another 12v tap. the bluetooth works fine when it's actually connected, but the problem is getting it connected reliably. sometimes mine connects right away, but majority of the time it fails to connect and gotta wait a couple mins or make it scan for nearby bluetooth devices before connection will be successful. pain in the arse and can easily be avoided 100% by using a wired connection.
  7. Gib monitor Jacob! I needs it! :D Bluetooth needs to go!
  8. You said your wifes is a NV5600 but what trans is yours? nv5600s call for synchromesh manual transmission fluid which has the viscosity of 5w30 motor oil. I can definitely see gear oil building more heat due to higher fluid resistance against the gears. resistance generates heat. Good synchromesh and fill it up half way up the rotating assembly and call it good.
  9. I don't care what kinda wiring it is as long as it's not using bluetooth/wireless to communicate with the adrenaline, and doesn't have something hanging off the OBDII or extra wires running around it doesn't need. If you aren't using USB-C for communication to the adrenaline...why put on the back? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if you aren't using USB-C for data, then I would assume you are using the port just to flash/update the monitor's firmware or loaded tunes correct? Cause I would think it a bit redundant for power since you can pull that from the adrenaline. So if we need it for updating but not need it to be plugged in all the time, would it not make more sense to have it on the side for easy access in case we have a pillar mount we don't want to remove it from constantly to flash update?
  10. Nicely done! Did you get the automatic bootup going too?
  11. tactile buttons for power level increase/decrease would be a nice feature ;) Half the time I'm trying to change a power level while driving down the road with the touch screen app and end up dragging up the gauge add bar thing at the bottom rather than changing power levels cause bumpy roads and such.
  12. I've been looking at the pioneer deck with android auto support. AVH-3300NEX (can still find on amazon) and it's later replacement AVH-3400NEX (basically just newer model of the same unit) My current one is an ancient dvd navigation deck with flip up screen that covers the vents. don't really care about covering the vents as 95% of the time I have it set to windshield and floor. But on the hot summer days when I want those center vents...push a button and the screen closes. Android auto is dependent on your phone being connected to it and running. you can use it for in-dash navigation via your phones GPS/google maps. works with ipwns too (apple car play and android auto) only catch is when using android auto you won't get to use quadzilla app till you unplug the USB from your phone. But if it's anything like the Sony deck I have in my car with android auto support...it will also let you take calls, play music, etc via just bluetooth as well without the cord plugged in. Just need the cord plugged for google maps on the screen.
  13. gib plz! I just need wired connection to adrenaline and ability to adjust v2 tuning. not sure I would want something hanging off my OBDII port...
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