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  1. Awesome job. Looks pretty sweet. Operation looks very nice. Easy to get to your oil and fuel filters.
  2. I was one of the old set up folks, I tried a few times to get it to swap over it either never worked or I was doing it wrong. It worked this time, went to Account > Manage Subscription and scrolled down and was able upgrade for a few bucks. Then when that was done I went ahead and signed up for what I wanted. Was pretty easy. Keep up the good work. I'm not on here alot but I do value the endless hard work put into your site. Also have not been working on my truck much due to some other priorities. But its good to see your making headway to be
  3. Been following this build for a while. Great job, looks awesome. Lots of progress since I last checked in.
  4. This place has a lot of instructions and some videos. The only front kits I saw were inside the spring helpers for the front. https://www.sdtrucksprings.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&inc_subcat=1&categories_id=1806&year_select=1996&make_select=620&model_select=8129&x=124&y=16
  5. You might be good to go then, these are a little different then like a conventional limited slip rear. Here is some info on these. http://www.demandaam.com/technical-support/aam-diferrentials/tracrite-gt-helical-gear-limited-slip-differential Also found a few videos, the one is a little scary dont think I'm throwing mine on a jack but worked out just fine for them. Maybe hold off on opening the cover if you think it was just done. Kinda same principal I think. Second video linked to this one....
  6. Could not find those numbers either. But did find the info between the Open Diff and Limited Slip. Guess since it's new to you, would change the fluid and might be easier to figure it out. Plus who knows what's in there to start with. From most of the AAM documents the part number listed for an open Diff is: That open Diff part number was superceded in 2017. 11.5 " Rear Axle Open Differential Case with Internal Gears Effective immediately, the part number for the open differential case with internal gears
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