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  1. The larger cable on your pic appears to be coming out the side not the back. So I think the bottom pic you posted with the all flat module is what you would need.
  2. All my local places on that service are quality yards, I dont see any local places on my lists that I would not deal with. We ship all sorts of stuff for my business, its really up to the shipper not the yard. Get a bad driver you get extra damage, get a good driver you get same level of damage as was loaded. Ask for some extra pics and exactly what is included. Im not sure but I remember folks saying the 1500s are good cabs for 2500/3500.
  3. If I was in that position I would change the cab. They are cheaper then the hassle. http://www.car-part.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi?userSearch=int&userPID=1000&userLocation=All+States&userIMS=&userInterchange=%3F%3D%3FB&userSide=&userDate=1999&userDate2=1999&dbModel= Truck-2500 Series (1994 Up)&dbPart=154.1&userPart=Cab&sessionID=11000000095789452&ref=mobileweb&userPreference=grade&userZip=24382&userLat=36.9511000&userLong=-81.1120000&userIntSelect=694795&userUID=0&userBroker=&userPage=1&iKey=
  4. Same cut and clamps here as well. I actually like the idea I saw on here replacing the hard lines with hoses, my hard lines are a mess. Some new some old.
  5. No problem at all, glad to put a little leg work in, it was late and I ran across your post on another build, it was quite the story and project, I read the whole thing start to finish was intresting for sure, Inwas hooked. I have a 48 willys pickup since HS, its on the maybe one day list. But as you say life gets complicated. Nothing bad in my case all good things, have a 21mo old, one on the way, do some volunteer stuff for some different folks. Best of luck with your project. Will keep checking in for sure.
  6. @Dodge48 I looked up that name on the truck and after doing some digging I think Hayden Printing in Ardmore, PA could point you to some info on that cabover. Can't hurt.
  7. The books are easy to find, the data sheet on the torque limits are not as easy. Im sure you can get it from them with a simple request. North America BorgWarner Turbo Systems 3800 Automation Avenue Auburn Hills, MI 48326 USA BorgWarner Turbo Systems PO Box 15075 Asheville, NC 28813 USA Phone: +1 828 684 4000 Fax: +1 828 684 4030 E-mail: info-na@borgwarner.com Aftermarket USA/Canada/Mexico/Middle America Phone: +1 828 684 4027 Fax: +1 828 684 4030 US Phone: 800-787-6464 US Fax: 800-424-6464 S300.pdf S400.pdf S2A.pdf S2B.pdf
  8. Mike posted the IP above in this thread. You can checkout something like this... https://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check But you will soon realize there is alot more to it than a few clicks and checks. You can do some digging with some of the basic stuff. But like the SEO articles that are needed to get more into the 4th and very quickly 5th gen stuff, it is a huge uphill battle, its a process to do it all, then its even more of a process to do it right. This needs about 2 to 3 folks wiling to put some hours into decent content that will be available to new people on search, then once they are here they need to see the value of whats here and sign up. Its going to have to be up to the membership to evolve the content, it can't be all on Mike and Nick. Thats the key issue, out of the over 1k folks who visited recently only 16 subscribed sounded like that included existing members, thats not going to cut it unfortunately, I was hoping to see around 100 subscribers pile on this new system, just based on the quoted numbers from past months, that 100 is a low % of folks passing thru, taking what they want and leaving. My initial guess was this recent try would be a decent influx of subscribers from the existing base and some new ones, but if it was too much too fast your just going to see a huge drop in income 2 months from now. Since most of your subscribers are now loaded in to mid May. The ideas proposed can not add work load on to the existing folks, so membership and content developement could be areas that are easier to assist in then back of the house server stuff. Sponsorship material for raffles could do well, if folks have connections to some sort of maintenance kits, the injector raffle seemed to do well. But even those are short term fixes. Anyone have access to a service like Constant Contact they could 3rd party the email blasts just to work around the IP issues for the time being. Or go get a quote then arrange a donation bucket outside of the M73M site for that email blast service for a few rounds. Like that example it cant be I come up with something and expect Mike to now carry that work load. No time and $ for him to do that. But it would work around the IP issues for a short term to try to get email blasts up and running.
  9. NJ car show, a great group of folks put this on. I'm able to volunteer this day figure would share the info. If anyone is looking for something to do.
  10. Hey Mike, hang in there. You are doing things right by taking care of your Mom. You have a great site that helps alot of folks. But it can't be at the expense of your personal well being. Seems like the quailty over qty approach has gotten you this far. You do need to make time for yourself in all of this. My approach was to donate what I could, I entered the last raffle; bought a few tickets that was a no brainer, and I signed up for the annual membership. So maybe others will follow suit and sign up for the memberships.
  11. Are there time limits on copyright? I alwasy find some folks miss use the whole copyright thing and try to just say its copywright protected when alot of times its not. Doubt that in this case. Guess Im already in violation by posting this from the book.
  12. ATSG 47/48 manual should be on your list. $40 off amazon. ATSG 46RE 47RE 48RE Transmission Repair Manual (48RE Transmission - 48RE Governor Pressure Solenoid - 48RE Valve Body - Best Repair Book Available!) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012GWGW2E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_HSz0CbFS0SRYB
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