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  1. There are some troubleshooting steps available at torqueking. Scroll down to the bottom. Might help on the 4WD issue. https://torqueking.com/product/40224/qu40224-vacuum-shift-motor-kit-for-dana-cad-front-axles/ If not the correct axle then disregard.
  2. I'm not sure on your question, but if you cant find a free download the ATSG books are around $40 they have a blue cover you can get PDF and paper most of the time off a bunch of places. I could not find a free download, I was able to find a preliminary book they put out, alot of places are passing this on as the rebuild manual but it is not the full version it's just a snapshot of the trans. Good luck in your search and repair. I have had 9 of those vehicles, 2013 thru 2016, there was a reflash for some shifting issues about late 2017 that helped alot and a bunch of ours were 5yr/100k warranty and all were covered, also there was a pump recall on some where they would replace the whole unit it was very specific on the VIN on those might have been on some 16's. Check your warranty status via the normal dodge site, register and enter your info and it will bring up the warranty info, I sold some that still fixed under warranty, but you need a good service writer and you need to have the specific complaint to get the flash or they hit you up for the work. You never know, unless you it's out of warranty, or are well past 100k or know you got it in early '15 or late '14. Then you are most likely timed out. I was surprised on the 5/100 powertrain and how long it lasted. 09R62TE.pdf
  3. @dieselautopower Had a very nice sized targeted ad for DAP while reading Business Insider about the Boeing Max mess. Was actually nice to see an ad for once knowing they are a good supporter of the site.
  4. Sounds like you need to pull the codes and see what is stored in causing the 3rd gear start. There are a few items. Renew your membership and download the book. It's available for download. This is on page 36 of the ATSG book, but you should start back at page 34. Pull codes, pressure checks, compare the psi to what the data back to the PCM. After the easy stuff like checking the fuses and power to the PCM, the connector it self. Good luck with you repair.
  5. Sound good. I checked my other books, I have a 96 ABS book maybe 40 pages, and a giant TSB book from 96, and the manual supplement but I think that is for a bunch of vehicles not specific to our trucks.
  6. Should be in the FSM. The you can either use the index or the tabs. The item is usually detailed in the section for the part. I'll download what's up there and take a look. I have it from TechAuthority. But I think it's all the same. My guess is you see this note in the FSM> from your other post about the speed sensor issue. Not sure what book that references, but I think the FSM has a few great areas to assist you without that one. Never really noticed that reference before. I usually find the wire diagram in the 8W section using the index for the specific part, it will show you the pin, color, gauge of the wire. And you can go from there. Yeah it's a lot of back and forth in the book as there are a lot of areas you need to piece together.
  7. Sign up here for a membership, all the books are available for download to paid members. There are multiple tiers for membership.
  8. I got some bottoms and a top and modified them to all fit together with a butcher block top. I agree the color is much brighter then my older box, but it's hard to paint match in my case my old box is from 1997 so it would be expected not to match. The quality was what I expected and prices was decent, I got them at Lowes everything was on sale at some point. Top was a blemished from the kitchen area. Had to drill out a bunch of rivets to remove the top cover and some interior panels on the top to drill the sides thru, then just used the plastic rivets from our inner fenders to reassemble the cover plates. It made a nice area for my chargers as the top had a power strip built into it.
  9. Little hard to get them at our local Sears anymore. It closed then the roof collapsed a few months later, then to save on taxes the whole thing came down. I have never had good luck "shopping" at a NAPA for stuff, they have a ton of stuff out on the shelves but usually the counter folks are pretty crabby. Kinda have to have a specific mission and stick to that at our local ones.
  10. Looking great, my guess is the cab is coming off a few more times, if you haven't might want to check and adjust the valves at some point with the cab off as it looks like it might be tight later on for the #6. They really don't require a whole lot of adjustment and you would likely be set for a long time. Also might want to make a short list of items to do while you have good access to the engine. Couple small fuel items on the drivers side and the sort. But really coming along nice.
  11. Could your TV cable somehow be causing issues with your throttle linkage? Maybe something is hung up there, if the TV is not set correctly you will have some other issues for sure in general. Just looking for common areas between the throttle and trans.
  12. Here is a good thread on this one. https://mopar1973man.com/topic/8270-pilothouseram3500-build/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-218013 There also is one where they had a 5.9 school bus motor somewhere here, somehow my search items don't quite work tonight. Could barely find this thread after reading it, disappeared on me somehow. Fuel wise the factory lift pump should be fine if it's just stock P-pump 12V. They are on the side of the engine. Signup for a membership the books are available for download for the wiring and the sort. Once you find one you can also go and sign up for QuickServe and register your ESN that will give you the details of the engine and parts diagrams. Transmission wise trying to stick with a manual might be easier. What were you thinking there?
  13. Yeah internal trans temp sensor will also cause that. Think its 2k ohms for your year cold. Or someone will correct that. Sign up for a membership and the 47RE book is available for download. There is a 8pin plug you can check that out on the trans. It's in the book.
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