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  1. I think I only did 3 gal of actual antifreeze and did 50/50 mix. I went with the Zerex G05 yellow as was doing two different Ford Focus timing belts and WP at the time, they run the yellow so was easier to use all the same. Did the flush, fill and run deal, then final fill with the 50/50. So you wind up with some extra buckets of water to recycle at the end of the deal.
  2. If you don't have a local resource or live very remote and need to order in wire, I use these folks for my business. Wireandcableyourway.com Prices from Genos and custombatterycables.com are anywhere from $300 to $400 for a set, they are very nice sets and for folks who can not make their own it is by far the way to go, they are turn key from end to end I have a set from custombatterycables.com. you basically are buying your time to build them, so pay more work less. But can for build these for a very nice price point. Custombatterycables.com All Battery kits include covers and loom (free loom) https://www.custombatterycables.com/1998-2002-dodge-ram-2500-3500-5-9l-cummins/ Genos carries these same sets they buy in bulk and pass on some savings. https://www.genosgarage.com/product/dodge-ram-cummins-replacement-heavy-duty-battery-cable-kit-ddg25kit/Electrical-accessories DIY options just for a reference $2.88 per foot 2/0 Type SGX SAE J1127 Battery Cable. https://www.wireandcableyourway.com/2-0-battery-cable-type-sgx.html
  3. My bright idea was to pull the transmission and transfer case all at once by myself, I have a concrete floor at least. It was a challenge, eventually it rolled at some point forget when and I broke the output speed sensor, could have been separating it from the Tcase when it was out.. Other then that it was same deal.as soon as you have it figured out its just a bit too tall to slide out on the jack.
  4. Yeah could just be doomed in the right hands. Don't put DEF in the fuel tank!!!! Lot of folks use tow haul and exhaust brake all the time. Follow the maintenance schedules. Rotate the tires. Can do the custom tire pressure monitor deal if he is going to run a lower psi unloaded. Fluid film for the frame often, wash off the salt often, turn the hose in towards the fender wells and rear bumper get the hard to reach areas. Not sure if the 3500"s have the front sway bar links but '18 mine rusted first. Spray those up with some fluid film or the wool wax stuff. Not sure on interior but I have the rubber mat and work vinyl, you can pretty much keep that pretty nice. There is a steering link recall, some shops do a bad job welding that up, sometimes you can tighten and mark it and check it, sounds like he should get that done properly. Hope he enjoys the truck. They are pretty nice rides in almost every trim level.
  5. Found a few items on the TV cable adjustment, it in the 2002 FSM PDF 1833 to 1835. Available under downloads. There is a pretty good BD PDF that I found it has some good photos and some procedures in general for VB replacement work. Then I found this link to an old post, it basically is a copy paste of the Manual. Everything I ever ran across it's pretty critical to get it correct and use the factory adjustments. 1030416_417ValveBodyInstallation.pdf
  6. That 0-400psi gauge has a pretty decent hose set up with a quick release like on a air hose. Will have to check the hose rating now. Did the gauge physically break or the line fitting pop off. I can see how it would destroy it self with some pretty nasty hot fluid all over the place. Deff lucky was not worse off as bad as it looks.
  7. Also might need to pick up a few things. https://www.stockinteriors.com/Items.asp?ModelId=161&MainCatId=7&FilterYear=2002
  8. What kind of gauge and set up were you running. Have not used this yet but I picked this up from Amazon for $57 it seems like a really nice set. Has 400psi and 100psi.
  9. You must have a glass bead blast cabinet. That linkage looks awesome. One thing I really miss and need to get a decent compressor set up for. I'm still on the fence about painting my 47RE, but the more I see your posts I don't see how I can't... looks great.
  10. Yeah should not be too bad then internal wise, if you ever decide to do it I would share my mistakes.....I meant good ideas 🤑🤑🤑
  11. You can if time and tools permit, in my case most likely the largest issue I have is dedicated time. Lack there of. But depending on the miles you have on your trans, you pretty much are pulling the whole thing apart, if higher miles and never been freshened up, its one of those while your in there kind of things it spirals out of control easily. Not saying you have to go crazy and do everything top shelf. But a decent rebuild kit would not be a bad idea. One issue you will run into are the reference books are not always accurate for a inexperienced person like myself, there is no step by step guide, you kinda need to use the ATSG book, the FSM, and all help you can dig up for some of the stuff as it's not always accurate in the books.
  12. IMO $5k for all that is a good price if it's a good shop, I agree the PHX heat index charge is not in there. Usually look at the back log they might have, you want someone with experience working on these trucks. I'm not sure it would really need all that at the same time, and I find sometimes would be better to take care of some of the safety stuff first, so any steering issues that are really bad, brake fluid should be flushed. I did not see a thermostat on there but a quality one of those should be added. Make sure they do a flush of the coolant not just a swap. You could also go to a suspension specialist shop and get a quote. Not sure if he has addressed any fuel system issues yet. Sounds like it should be in decent shape no rust, most of the ones I see are in the starts with a $9k, and would need a few $k in upgrades and maintenance. If he plans on keeping it who cares what it worth, it's a good $5k spent.
  13. I'm still in the building stages so won't know for a little while yet. But from your info, we are at the pretty polar opposites on power, sounds like you have a pretty awesome set up. I went with the 15SS based on a 10k pull rating, and 215hp.......😂😂. Pretty funny to actually type out 215hp, as I know it's not making that.... Yeah might not be even in the same book, let alone same page. 175 bales of hay @ 40lb per bale 7k + 2500lb wagon. Wagons might be a little bit heavier, might get some wet bales every now and then, but that is my worse case I'm thinking.
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