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  1. Added ~10%, so torqued to 172 in-lbs. Bolts hardly turned. Maybe just over 1/8 of a turn and up to about 1/4. Will check later this week to see how it’s doing.
  2. FSM says 156 in-lbs. I used a Napa filter and rubber gasket when I did my fluid change. It seems that the bottom of the pan is slightly damp in one section, so fluid is very slowly leaking in one area. Before taking it apart and redoing the gasket, how much more could I torque down the bolts to try to stop the leak? 5%? 10%?
  3. Really?? I better start prepping myself for new injectors then. I had no idea.
  4. When I lived in ND, it groaned all the time when it was below zero. I switched over to synthetic fluid and I don't believe I ever heard it groan again, even when -40F. I'm still on my original power steering pump. I recently replaced the gasket between the pump and reservoir, though.
  5. ModuleMasters took great care of me. Fantastic communication and fantastic job on my ABS module. Highly recommend! The 12 VDC to the housing was caused by a previous repair that wasn't the greatest. A wire came loose and shorted itself to the housing. ModuleMasters not only fixed this problem, but also replaced a few other components with better quality parts, and sealed it up really well. Very happy with the service I received.
  6. Interested in doing this mod! Remind me again, where do I test for AC ripple? At the battery posts? Driver side battery says 0.05 VAC and passenger battery says 0.03 VAC.
  7. Put marble mosaic up around the tub today. Left a 1/8” gap between the bottom row and the top of the tub. What goes in that gap? Grout or silicone caulk? https://www.lowes.com/pd/allen-roth-Marble-Beige-11-in-x-11-in-Herringbone-Marble-Wall-Tile-Common-11-in-x-11-in-Actual-11-14-in-x-11-14-in/1000003032
  8. Crap, yeah. I have a copy. Didn't think to look in there. Thanks!
  9. Hey fellas, about to replace the hub/bearing assembly in my '01 2500 2wd. I thought I've read that the new axle nut going on should be 185 ft-lbs. But I've read another source that it should actually be 280 ft-lbs. It said 185 is for 1500s and 280 is for 2500/3500s. Is this correct? Or just internet folklore? I just borrowed a loaner 30-250 ft-lbs torque wrench from AutoZone. If it's indeed 280, I'll need to find another source for a higher capacity torque wrench.
  10. Took the Ram out for about a 15 mile drive. I don't see any fluid underneath the power steering pump, or on the ground after having it parked for about 30 mins. I wonder if the fluid I saw on the bottom of the power steering pump was just runoff from when I wiped fluid all over the tubes before sliding the hoses onto them?? Not sure, but the UV dye arrives tomorrow. I think I'll drive it a bit longer to see what happens, and keep the dye on the shelf for a future need.
  11. Got the new lines installed, with filter in place. It appears I might still have a leak where the reservoir mounts to the pump. I sprayed degreaser on it all, but I ran out of light, so will check to see if I can find the source of the leak on another day. I might just replace the whole power steering pump/reservoir... Might be easier than trying to track down this leak. I tried to replace the seals as a way to avoid taking the vacuum pump down again. That was a pain. Not necessarily hard, just a pain.
  12. So the 12 volts is coming from something inside the module? Just want to make sure I don't send it off to get fixed, then I fry it again because I didn't address whatever is causing the 12 volts to go through the casing. That spark freaked the heck out of me!!
  13. I'm getting 12 volts on the metal housing of the ABS module. I disconnected the large plug off the top of the ABS module and now the housing doesn't have the 12 volts. Any idea what's going on here? And where to start troubleshooting?
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