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  1. Thanks JAG1. For $13 I’m going to try this kit from Autozone. If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll let you know.
  2. Vehicle: n/a Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2020-01-14 n/a
  3. Ryan, are you still around? I see it’s been awhile since you posted. I could use some help sourcing a seal for the power steering pump on my ‘01 Ram. That restaurant in Coleharbor still making those phenomenal steaks? Can’t be very far from you, if I remember the layout ND correctly. Steaks so big, they’re hanging off the edges of your plate...
  4. Awesome! I was hoping for that. Such a pain to remove the power steering pump with the vacuum pump attached. I wonder if this kit has a seal that’ll work? https://www.autozone.com/external-engine/power-steering-pump-seal-kit/duralast-power-steering-pump-seal-kit-7918/21419_0_0 I’ll also reach out to Blue-Top Steering. Thanks for the lead!
  5. Okay, so maybe I’m not crazy! I was pretty sure I had a login here!! I’ll submit a ticket. Thanks! Didn't know the reservoir came off from that side. I’ll look at it later this week and see if I can see what you’re talking about. If I understand right, the reservoir will come off and the actual pump stays on the vacuum pump? Holy hell, if the o-ring is that hard to find, I just might have to buy the whole pump.
  6. [I've been coming to this forum for years. All my normal logins didn't seem to work, and neither did any attempts to reset passwords on any of the email addresses I use... So, created a new account. Or, maybe an account for the first time...] 2001 Ram. Over 400K miles. I just replaced the seals in my vacuum pump. Put it back together, and now it appears my power steering fluid is leaking. The leak seems to be coming from the side that faces the front of the truck (where it mounts to the vacuum pump). I didn't think power steering fluid came out of the drive shaft that fits into the vacuum pump? Thoughts?
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