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  1. Is there a direct correlation between boost and drive pressures? Can one infer a certain drive pressure from the amount of boost seen? Or is the amount of drive pressure not accurately predictable from boost? If not, then it’s probably a good idea to throw a drive pressure gauge on at least temporarily to see what my pressures are running? Or would you say it should be monitored continuously (permanent installation)? Is the exhaust manifold the best place to measure drive pressure, or is there a better location to put the sensor? For an exhaust manifold pressure gauge inst
  2. Getting set to start upgrading my ‘01, including 100hp injectors, head studs, turbo, FASS, clutch, exhaust, exhaust brake, Quad, and gauges. At what point should I consider upgrading to heavier valve springs? I’m targeting around 450-475 whp with the changes I’m making, but at what point should the stock valve springs be updated? Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!
  3. Thank you. It seems a lot of the members are in or around the PNW.
  4. All right, I’ll mull it over a bit and place an order this evening when I get home from work. Assuming the sales on these items don’t end before then anyway! Thanks fellas! Appreciate the help!
  5. Thanks for the reply. 550hp is about 100hp above my target. Would the GX-E 57/65/12 T3 be a better selection for 450 hp? Considering spool time, EGT’s, etc? If I paired the 57/65 with 100hp injectors and the Quad would that be a good recipe for 450 considering my intended use? If not, what might you recommend in terms of a turbo/injectors for hitting that range? I already have the Smarty, but an upgrade to the Quad isn’t outside the realm of possibilities. Definitely going to get a clutch (Valair Dual Disc Quiet Organic rated @ 550hp seems the likely candidat
  6. Thanks Ray. Going to give them a call tomorrow. I have an email in to them as well, but I think they’ve been closed for the holiday. Tom
  7. Thanks John. That would explain the lack of responses. I knew it wasn’t because of a lack of members as I’ve lurked long enough to know there are many active participants. 😄 It sounds like our driving styles are quite similar. Any thoughts on the turbo and injectors I’m looking at? I’m wanting to only have to make the one turbo/injector purchase and I’d like to get a balanced setup right out of the gate. A lot of the driving I do is in the mountains of the Pacific NW, and EGT’s are my biggest concern.
  8. Did everyone take the Thanksgiving weekend off? I know I’m asking questions that are frequently asked , and I apologize for that. I have read many threads of a similar nature on this, as well as other forums, but it seems like many of the threads I’ve found have been somewhat aged and possibly no longer relevant due to advances in technology and equipment. Much of what I’ve found has also seemed conflicting. For example, I’ve been advised by vendors that 50hp injectors would be sufficient, along with a turbo (ATS 3000 or Fleece Cheetah), intake, 4" exhaust, and tuner to hit m
  9. Tambs


  10. Thanks Mike. I started a thread in the Reliability/ Performance section and added some details about how I use the rig as well as how it’s currently set up. I’ve already purchased some of the items you mentioned (FASS 165, 4" exhaust, BHAF, gauges), but haven’t installed them yet. A couple of online vendors suggested an ATS Aurora 3000 turbo, or a Fleece Cheetah turbo and 50 or 75hp injectors along with the Smarty S-03. Not sure these would get me to the mid-400 hp range though, and given that there are a dizzying array of turbo and injector possibilities, I wanted to get a second opinio
  11. I’m getting set to add some HP to my ‘01-2500 (vehicle details in my ‘Garage’), and I would greatly appreciate some suggestions about what might best fit my application in the way of injectors and a turbo. I use the truck for towing and hauling, and as a daily driver. I frequently am around 13,000 GVW when hauling, and sometimes close to 25,000 GCW when towing. I am not going to be pulling sleds or putting the truck on a track, and I’m not interested in high-RPM pulls. I very rarely hit 3000 RPM, and generally keep it below 2500. I am interested in a setup that spoo
  12. Thanks, I sure will take a look. 500 is a bit higher than I was targeting, but I would guess that that range is probably close to the same budget as my 425 to 475 goal anyway? I put the details of my truck in the Garage section, as I’ve yet to find the page to add it to my sig. I’ve already picked up a Smarty S-03, but haven’t used it yet. Just getting started with modding a vehicle. Lots to learn!
  13. Hello to all, I’ve been lurking a while but finally signed up so I can join in on discussions and ask some questions. Bought my ‘01 2500 new in the spring of 2000, and have only put 89K on it. Thankfully I didn’t have to drive it to work, so that’s why the miles are low. The engine is bone stock, but I’ve started procuring a few items to coax a few more ponies out of it. None have been installed yet. Gauges are probably going on this weekend. Would like to target the 425-475hp range, and I’m looking forward to soliciting your ideas for how to best go about hit
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