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  1. Yeah, that price doesn’t include the core. Nor does the Costco price. Manufacturing is down across the board. Tried buying tools lately? Almost everything I’ve tried finding is ‘out of stock’. Building material prices are off the charts. Manufacturing has been throttled into near non-existence over the last year, and what’s left is hugely expensive and/or from China. Laws of supply and demand. Demand is currently high, supplies are low, so prices are high. Tough for me to sit on the sidelines waiting for stock to go back up and prices to come down when I need
  2. http://www.walmart.com/ip/EverStart-Maxx-Lead-Acid-Automotive-Battery-Group-Size-27-12-Volt-810-CCA/28275658
  3. Not to bring up an old thread, but this seems to be the place for battery discussions. Someone mentioned Costco’s interstate batteries weren’t all that great on quality. This still hold true? Going to pick up a couple this weekend and theirs are $93 each while Wally World’s EverStart battery is $120. Both are 810 CCA with a 3-year warranty. If the consensus is that the differences are negligible, then I’d just as soon keep the extra $54 in my pocket.
  4. This kit should do the trick shouldn’t it? Even if the female plug doesn’t mate with the OE plug I can lop it off pretty quick like you suggested and slap the new male plug on. Not sure of the OE wire size however. This Kit is good for 14-16 gauge wire.
  5. It seems one of the pics tmaxxs10 posted shows the part number of the plug. I just didn’t zoom in enough to see it with my phone. On my iPad it was easy to see. Thanks to everyone for replying! Tom
  6. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I’m installing a FASS 165 and wondering if anyone knows the part number for this plug...
  7. Is this damage something that can be inspected for when the tubes are out, or can one not see the problem? Those photos are section cuts through a crossover tube are they not?
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. Sounds like most are reusing their tubes after ensuring they are clean and smooth, and using due care when re-assembling to make sure they are aligned with the injector. 👍🏻🍻
  9. Already bought the Quad from you! 😁 Just haven’t installed it yet. I edited my sig to show it being in the inventory. Was looking at TJ’s IG account (#1badvp44) and looking into his tuning service. But that’s down the road after I spend a bunch of time reading up on custom tuning here first. May be able to get the tunes I need here and be able to educate myself to do my own tuning. Probably sell the Smarty. Haven’t even taken it out of the box yet except to make sure it was in there.
  10. I will be installing new injectors soon and I’ve read conflicting info regarding whether crossover tubes should be replaced at the same time. Proponents (including @dieselautopower) of changing them out say the risk of fuel leaks is much less if they are changed out. Those who say changing them is not necessary advise that if they are correctly installed and aligned with the injector, and have a properly installed o-ring, leak potential is minimal. What is the prevailing opinion here regarding changing the feed tubes? If I change them out, is there any rea
  11. Just unloaded the camper at Newberry National Volcanic Monument south of Bend, Oregon last summer.
  12. Is there a direct correlation between boost and drive pressures? Can one infer a certain drive pressure from the amount of boost seen? Or is the amount of drive pressure not accurately predictable from boost? If not, then it’s probably a good idea to throw a drive pressure gauge on at least temporarily to see what my pressures are running? Or would you say it should be monitored continuously (permanent installation)? Is the exhaust manifold the best place to measure drive pressure, or is there a better location to put the sensor? For an exhaust manifold pressure gauge inst
  13. Getting set to start upgrading my ‘01, including 100hp injectors, head studs, turbo, FASS, clutch, exhaust, exhaust brake, Quad, and gauges. At what point should I consider upgrading to heavier valve springs? I’m targeting around 450-475 whp with the changes I’m making, but at what point should the stock valve springs be updated? Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!
  14. Thank you. It seems a lot of the members are in or around the PNW.
  15. All right, I’ll mull it over a bit and place an order this evening when I get home from work. Assuming the sales on these items don’t end before then anyway! Thanks fellas! Appreciate the help!
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