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Need new injectors, Any tricks, what to watch?


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Have almost 500 k on original injectors on my 92 first gen. It made a lot of white smoke and then quit on my driveway. This truck has quit   on my driveway almost everytime it needing repairs. Starting to think it's a smart truck for the 20.5 years I've been daily driving her.


Anyway I've got rebuilt injectors coming from Vulcan and need to know any other things to watch for while doing it.

Mike told me about using a piece of pvc pipe sleeved on and using a lug nut w/ the right thread size lifts a stubborn injector out.


Also if I find a broken tip I need to get a camera to look inside the cylinder for damage. Now... if there is a damaged cylinder should I just go buy another good running first gen? Around $5,000 and just build one good truck out of the two? Or just get it rebuilt?




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