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How to extract terminals from a VP44 connector

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I wasn't really meaning to endorse those diagnostics instructions.  I was just using that as an excuse to talk about one of the reasons you might want to extract pins from a VP44 connector.  Nevertheless, here it is: https://www.bluechipdiesel.com/vp44_diagnostics.html


I cut my pin-5 wire, and I wish I hadn't.   It didn't do me any good.   So knowing how to extract a pin might save somebody some grief.

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Something that should go to the Database... 


For all staff to know there is a "Moderator Action" now that gives the option to copy to database. So using this function now without asking a member to do it I got @marked23 post put to the database in less than a few seconds. 



Thank you @marked23 for the wonderful tip!!!


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@Bobalos,  Is that tool used from the front, also?  I tried to make one to extract the pins in that kind of connector.  I couldn't figure it out. 


I'm looking for a source of the terminals for the VP44. I found some that have pigtails, but I want to do my own crimps, to avoid butt connectors.  Those look close, but they don't have the big stop-flange at the back.

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Yes, you just push the extractor into the connector from the "front" & it folds the latches in enough to slide the pin out of the back.


Sorry but I dont know what type of connectors those are.  Im pretty sure that the rest of the stuff on the truck are  Deutsch connectors, but I dont know what Bosch uses on the VP.  Here are some examples.  



I did find this on another Diesel forum, however I could not find the pins with a google search. 

Here is a part number list for the Vp44 7pin connector along with the terminals, terminal remover tool, and the inspection gauge. All can be picked up at your local Cummins dealer.

VP44 AMP Connector Part Number# 3162737

Inspection Gauge (Used to check for spreading in the terminals) Part Number# 3164980

Terminal Remover (Used to remove the AMP terminals in the VP44 connector)
Part Number# 3162738

VP44 Replacement Terminals 14AWG 
Part Number# 3162730

VP44 Replacement Terminals 18AWG  
Part Number# 3162731



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I found some AMP documents that show the terminal and part numbers.  I pieced together the relevant bits. 




The 929974-x is for 17ga to 20ga wire.

The 929975-x is for 13ga to 17ga wire.

The heavier gauge is used for power +/-  (pins 6 + 7).

The rest are all the lighter gauge.


I kind-of expect that the stock part was -3, but you'll never find any to buy.  -8 seems to be the only gold variant that is available. 

-1 CuNiSi pre tin

-2 CuNiSi silver plated

-3 CuNiSi gold plated

-4 CuFe2 pre tin

-5 CuFe2 silver plated

-6 CuFe2 gold plated

-7 CuNiSi silver plated

-8 CuNiSi gold plated  <<< Choose this one.


As seen here:

Master Electronics 929974-8

Master Electronics 929975-8


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