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it is interesting to note that the FSM says to replace the whole starter, instead of servicing the wear parts. it worked with no problem...then one day....*click*click* i wondered if you could push start a diesel, but realized that i couldn't get that truck up to speed to even try:lmao:

i will mention that while i was waiting for $ and shipping to my door, i took the contact that was the most wore, and made the hole for the stud longer to allow the contact to be closer to the plunger. worked no problems until i got the contacts(6 months later, i know im a procrastinator)

(1) Disconnect and isolate negative cables of both


(2) Raise and support vehicle.

(3) Pull back protective rubber boot from solenoid

battery terminal far enough to access and remove

nut securing battery positive cable wire harness connector

eyelet to solenoid battery terminal stud (Fig.


(4) Remove nut securing battery positive cable

wire harness solenoid connector eyelet to solenoid

terminal stud.(17mm)

(5) Remove battery positive cable wire harness

connector eyelets from solenoid terminal studs.

(6) While supporting starter motor, remove three

bolts securing starter motor to flywheel housing(8 or 10mm 12 point bolts, use box wrench or suitable socket)

(7) Remove starter motor from engine (certain diesel

engines have an aluminum spacer mounted

between the starter and the starter mounting flange.

Note position and orientation of spacer before removal).

now you can take the nut on the other side off(15mm). then a phillips screwdriver removes the 3 cap screws. when the cap comes off the plunger springs out. there is a little ball behind the spring(mine didn't come out, but remember it is there, don't lose it). with the plunger out of the way, you can take the out side nuts off the studs. because of the plastic guards, i could not get a good enough bit with a wrench. and impact wrench made short work. with the nuts off, you can remove the studs. the contacts are press on the studs. swap the old contacts for the new ones. try to keep the contact touching the backplate while tightening the nut(they try to twist when you tighten). take the spring off the old plunger and place on new one. put the ball in if it came out. insert new plunger. replace cap. connect the to the stud and install starter on truck!








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Where did you get the parts required to do this? are they OEM or??

i got mine from LarryB's. http://www.fostertruck.com/dodge/ if you can't start right now and need a quick fix. you can take the wore out contact and a drill and make the slot longer. when you put it back in, put it as close to the plunger. got me around until the parts arrived and i had time to rebuild.
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I bought Larry B's Supersized starter contact and solenoid kit several years ago. Unfortunately by the time I ordered the kit my starter stranded my in the parking deck at work:mad:. Actually it wasn't all bad; I dropped the starter right there, removed the contacts and swapped them side for side. Installed it back in and the Green Moose fired right up:thumb1:. When I got home, my Larry B kit was in the mailbox, figures:doh:. Moral of the story; when you first have any starter issues, order the kit from Larry right away. But you can drop the starter like I did, if you carry tools in your truck, and swap the contacts to get you home:). Green Moose

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They give directions to replace the starter because all the actions of replacing one are either side of rebuilding one...


I had to take mine out, while waiting for parts, and take a knife to the contacts and plunger in order to clean them.


I am lazy so I have not changed them out after getting the replacements.


Ok, so I'm not lazy, they still work after cleaning them and the others are spare "new in box" parts for when they give me crap again.


Buy them now if you do not have them, and when the starter starts clicking start planning on where and when you want to do the job, relatively soon!

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