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Tech Specialist


Who should be titled "Tech Specialist"?  

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  1. 1. Who should be titled "Tech Specialist"?

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This poll will determine the person to get the first "Tech Specialist" title which will be with them permanently. We have nominated 4 people that meet the criteria. The poll will be up for 30 days. Pick the one you think deserves the title.

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define tech specialist please

Someone smart who knows what they are talking about most of the time or helps you out a lot. I guess it could be swapped with master technician, something like that..

Another way to reward the people that have been very helpful and supportive of other members. This is a permanent rank increase too... Once you get there your at the top of the mountain... :thumbup2:

More information on this here...


Tech Specialist

Is a special rank that is given by the staff of Mopar1973Man.Com. My idea here is for the special members that really have put there all into helping the site. The staff will pick out a person and allow the members of the site vote on if he or she gets the promotion. Once you make the Tech Specialist rank its permanent. No need to renew your account ever again...

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