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center console lid removal

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Center Armrest / Seat Back CENTER ARMREST / SEAT BACK


NOTE: Do not reuse the seat fasteners, always replace with new ones.

[*]Remove the center seat.

[*]Disconnect the storage bin cover j-straps and position aside.

Fig. 4http://alldatapro.com/alldata/PRO~V176077849~C35252~R0~OB0~P3R0H~N/0/80851247/81878943/81878958/83212682/34853741/34866522/56290491/55038071/144481311/144481317/133398987/133398988

[*]Remove and discard the hinge bolts and separate the seat back from the storage bin. (Fig. 4)


NOTE: Do not reuse the seat fasteners, always replace with new ones.

[*]Install the seat back onto the storage bin and install new hinge bolts.

[*]Tighten the hinge to storage bin bolts to 25 N.m (18 ft.lbs) .

[*]Connect the storage bin cover j-straps.

[*]Install the center seat.

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So I ripped mine apart for you. All you need is a small rod (1/8"), a hammer, and vise grips. I am not sure you can take it apart like Koyote describes without taking it out from the truck first. Would be tricky. The J-Hook bolts are 1/2". Anyways, to remove the top part from the bottom part you start by undoing the cloth so you can get to that second (upper) bolt, otherwise it is too tight to pull the cloth up and expose the bolt. http://www.mopar1973man.com//isx97/Truck%20Stuff/Ryan's%20Dodge/Interior/Center%20Console/IMG_1517.JPG Now you can get to that second bolt. http://www.mopar1973man.com//isx97/Truck%20Stuff/Ryan's%20Dodge/Interior/Center%20Console/IMG_1518.JPG Put the top part in armrest position (down) and hold the part people sit on down while pulling the J hooks brace things back and up, it will take some good pulling.. http://www.mopar1973man.com//isx97/Truck%20Stuff/Ryan's%20Dodge/Interior/Center%20Console/IMG_1519.JPG Now to get the lid only off, bit tricky. I saw no way to do it so reverted to the laws of physics. What won't come off, can be pryed off. So the black trim underneath the lid needs to come off, the trick is to pry it and twist it out from the inside out. As I am demonstrating in the pic. Otherwise, you will break the tiny pins off, as I did to some of them. You can see how they have a little hook on them, that is why you try and twist it so it pulls the hook part back. http://www.mopar1973man.com//isx97/Truck%20Stuff/Ryan's%20Dodge/Interior/Center%20Console/IMG_1532.JPG http://www.mopar1973man.com//isx97/Truck%20Stuff/Ryan's%20Dodge/Interior/Center%20Console/IMG_1525.JPG So then you end up with this. http://www.mopar1973man.com//isx97/Truck%20Stuff/Ryan's%20Dodge/Interior/Center%20Console/IMG_1521.JPG The final thing is to take the lid off, which if you look you see the hinge is all that is left. It is not a snap on or anything, a rod is driven into it all, so you must take the punch and hit the rod out, then take vise grips once you get an inch exposed and pull it all the way out. http://www.mopar1973man.com//isx97/Truck%20Stuff/Ryan's%20Dodge/Interior/Center%20Console/IMG_1526.JPG The spring was a pain since I didn't know it had a hook on it, so maybe seeing it will make it easier on you. http://www.mopar1973man.com//isx97/Truck%20Stuff/Ryan's%20Dodge/Interior/Center%20Console/IMG_1527.JPG Voila!

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