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I got called to this local gents place. It's a 2017 Ram EcoDiesel. I grabbed a code reader and it had a EGR temp sensor hi code twice. Then a code for intake leak. The manifold start smoking and smells of burnt plastic when its running. Come to find out this truck has a EGR and EGR cooler recall. I told the gent that there is no sense in me fixing it for a price when the dealer can fix under the recall for free. 


Time passes.


Now the owner of the truck gets a friend with a flat bed trailer. Calls me up because the truck will not start and there is no way to shift to neutral. Being smart I grab my phone then ask about WiFi but the gent doesn't have any but his neighbor behind him I done work in the past and got his WiFi so I found a video that explains how to shift into neutral. Basically there is a small square panel above the parking brake release you remove. When you pry that panel off you have to use a key or my pocket knife to slide the level lock over to right in the notch. Now at the same time pull the level out with the orange/red strap.You'll hear a click and now the transmission is in Neutral. We proceeded in loading up the truck so the gent can get it service on Monday.


Also I really do think there injector damage too. Refuses to start or run at all. Did start and idle when I first looked at it but now no start or run. Starter spins for a mere 2-3 seconds and it just dies. 



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