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Roadside assistance - Cummins ISL

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Yup... I was just at home doing a bit of repairs and got a phone call from a gentleman. He had called Chevron station in Riggins, ID and Steve of course referred it to me. It is a 40 foot Monaco Diesel Pusher. When I got there you can clearly see the coolant dripping out from under the engine area. It was technically the lower radiator hose buty being the radiator is in the side its got some rather unusual plumbing. 




At this point we packed for Riggins and rounded up everything we would need including 5 gallons of antifreeze and 5 gallons of water. I ran through my buddy Steve pile of old hose looking for something big enough and grab a few old radiator hoses. 


Came back and pull the hose and drain out some seriously rusty antifreeze. Once I got the hose off and look I found the rip. More so inside was torn by the hose clamp. Then a small pin hole in the outer jacket. I trimmed off about 1/2 inch of hose and reinstalled. I was able to get the clamp back past the bad part. Started loading back up with coolant and got close had the owner fire it up and warm up again to burp the system. 


Turned out good and he's repaired with the knowledge to change his coolant much sooner and flush it out. Then have the hoses replace. 





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