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Jump starting with a Quad

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I got a call from my son on Tuesday, his Peugeot Boxer tipper has stopped on a busy crossroads 8 in the morning

Got there 11.6v at the battery, so I disconnected the quad and jump started his van off of my truck, once running as soon as I disconnected the jump leads it stopped, alternator dead and the stupid ECM will not let the engine run, didn't pay any attention to my truck or the gauges just towed the thing home, our drive is long but narrow so my truck is blocked in by this van

Fast forward a day, new alternator fitted to the Peugeot (what a job, and low and behold there are no belt adjusters for alternator and PS belt, both are "stretch fit" which means an absolute mule to get on in a FWD van, it's a Ford transit 2.2 engine so expect rubbish)


Anyway Peugeot is gone and I go to start my truck to hook up to my trailer and notice the check gauges light on for longer than normal and only rising to about 12v when running, pops the bonnet and the 150amp breaker on the charge lead has popped, 7.5amp fuse on the blue wire is good


That 150amp breaker could have just saved me an alternator or worse and it's nice to know with a breaker fitted whenever jump starting it's just the batteries and nothing else doing the starting as the breaker just pops.

I'll know next time to reset straight after, in fact best thing to do is to pop the breaker by hand before jumpstarting anything or at least anything as small as a 2.2 Turd engine and I wouldn't use my truck to JS anything big anyway

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6 hours ago, Royal Squire said:

Your son can’t really haul much with a 2.2 liter engine can he?

Here in the UK on a car license you can only tow 3500kg or 7700lb legally, there is also something about if you passed your test after I think 97 it is only 750kg, trailer test is needed to then tow 3500kg, before 97 it's 3500kg, my truck/trailer and truck and 5th are both over but the thing is it doesn't look so so I don't get pulled :whistle2:

So his 2.2 ford engined peugeot will carry a 2200lb in the tipper body and also tow 7700lb not supposed to do both at the same time though as the GTW is not 10klb plus the vehicle

4 hours ago, Mopar1973Man said:

@wil440 imagine if you popped the 140 stock fuse? So far on my truck never tripped the breaker or the protection fuse for the PCM.

I'm glad I fitted a resettable thats for sure

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