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Client wanting me to look at a oil leak.


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Client called and asked me to come out and look at a oil leak on 2006 Dodge Cummins. When I open the hood I knew already.




Over 200k on the injectors and most likely wiped out number 6 piston. Watch the TikTok.

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1 hour ago, Doubletrouble said:

Is the rest of the truck worth the expense and trouble? 

 What's a new (or used) engine run in your area? 

Yes the truck is worth it but I'm sure the engine is going to be pulled and replaced. The owner said he has a source for a new engine. As for the cost I'm not totally sure as of yet but we will see.

30 minutes ago, LorenS said:

Why a new engine? I don't know enough about these engines to know why the oil is on the outside. Knock a hole in the block?

I'm pretty sure its number 6 cylinder is got bad rings or at the worst a melted piston. As you seen the TikTok above the blow by was strong. Considering the fact the closest machine shop that handles Cummins is all the way down in Nampa ID area. If he going to have a new engine sourced out then we will just swap and even the owner talked about later rebuilding the damaged engine and keeping it.


17 minutes ago, Doubletrouble said:

I am no expert but I would assume and injector failed in a big way and took out a piston by dumping massive amounts of fuel into 1 cylinder?

 If im wrong Mike please correct me.

Yeah it got for sure one cylinder blown. My guess is 6 in the way it behaves but we will find out in time when a engine swap occurs. 


https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRQdt1Uv/ <- Watch the video...

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PITA. Last one I pulled out its was f-ing tight. The worse part is get all the radiator and intercooler out and then even with all that out squeeze the oil pan up over the frame and not slam the rocker arms and push rods into the cowl. Yeah I'll admit I got it out but bent 3 push rods doing it. I've learned a few more things since then so I think I could do it much faster and better without damaging stuff. One thing is that firewall mat is coming out. 

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16 minutes ago, Mopar1973Man said:

Yeah it will get a good washing before I start... The biggest problem is freezing weather and playing with water. This next week is going to be in the teens. Brrrrr....

Hopefully you can at least get it power washed before the weather turns too cold. I wouldn't like to see you arm pit deep into that oily mess to work on it. So much for those clothes after working on that truck if it can't be cleaned beforehand.


Do you at least have a heated shop to work on it in to swap the motor out?

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