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OK, Brainiacs, from my last post, I changed the U/L ball joints out last weekend. Once you get the hang of what you're doing, it's not to bad. Well, around Tuesday, I noticed a light blinked on the dash, bottom middle. Didn't know what it was, till I got home and used a flashlight..... 4WD light. I thought maybe, the bulb was going out. So I put it in 4H to take a spin around the property.... the light didn't come on, but it went into 4WD. Today when I left the house, the light started blinking, almost like a strobe light when I was driving. It would go off when I came to a stop, but then when I get to around 35, it starts blinking again, but sometimes it goes out, then starts again. Has anybody had this happen to them, or what did I do. Any answers?

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