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Found 18 results

  1. Hey guys i am new around here and have some questions! The 4x4 will not engage on my truck. i understand the vacuum operated system and suspect that this is where to start on fixing it. however, my ABS and parking brake light are always on as well. is there anyway that the two could be connected? when i put the truck into 4H there is no change in the steering and the lights do not illuminate. in 4L still no lights or steering change but it does go into low range. any help you could offer on this would be great! also if anyone has experience trouble shooting the vacuum system or has a diagram i would appreciate the insight! thanks in advance guys.Also not sure how to do a sig but here is the info:2001 2500 5.9 SO w/5 spd. new VP44 and FRRP w/ big-line kit from DAP. everything else is stock
  2. Anyone have a good explanation/diagram on what happens and how, vacuum-wise, with the front axle? which vacuum line (to the axle) does what/when?Thanks!
  3. My track bar is getting worn and was wondering if a stock replacement is OK. I have seen the after market ones but wondered if they are worth the extra $.
  4. Since it's been determined in the oil thread that "I too am a cheap azz". What's your thoughts on this: http://www.hubandbearingwarehouse.com/servlet/the-Dodge-cln-Ram/Categories
  5. I'm not getting any indication on the instrument cluster that the 4 wheel drive is engaged but everything works fine,where is the indicator switch
  6. OK, Brainiacs, from my last post, I changed the U/L ball joints out last weekend. Once you get the hang of what you're doing, it's not to bad. Well, around Tuesday, I noticed a light blinked on the dash, bottom middle. Didn't know what it was, till I got home and used a flashlight..... 4WD light. I thought maybe, the bulb was going out. So I put it in 4H to take a spin around the property.... the light didn't come on, but it went into 4WD. Today when I left the house, the light started blinking, almost like a strobe light when I was driving. It would go off when I came to a stop, but then when I get to around 35, it starts blinking again, but sometimes it goes out, then starts again. Has anybody had this happen to them, or what did I do. Any answers?
  7. I'm getting ready to channge my wheel bearings and front axle u joints. What size socket is the front axle nut?Any other pointers for doing this job would also be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I need new front axle u joints and the only ones I can find localy are precision u joints. Are these any good? Should I go with greasable or sealed? I don't mind doing the maintenance.
  9. Ok guys my question is who is running or had experience with these http://www.4x4posi-lok.com/app_dodge.html??? If you are running one whats the install like, op's like, what does the install look like in the cab, etc.? for the price it doesnt look too bad but i would like to hear from you guys.
  10. What's up gang? I've got a simple question for you. What is the maximum reccomended speed for shifting in and out of 4wd? We recently got snow here and some of the roads are covered and some are dry so it's kinda a pita to stop and shift in and out as needed.
  11. I tried to put the truck in 4WD Lo with transmission in neutral. i was able to get out of the snowpile no problem but, when I tried putting it back in 2HI with transmission in neutral I got a grinding noise. I paniced as the transmission wouldn't catch a gear.Finally it caught a gear but, when I read up on the owners manual it says truck needs to be rolling 2-3 mph to engage the 4wd, is that with transmission in gear or neutral coasting?I need to learn how to engage this thing properly.
  12. Here Mike, make an article around this video Fine I will later.
  13. How nice would a full time transfer case be? I would use it all the time when towing on dirt roads, and in light snow/ice/rain it would really improve traction.. Then when the going gets touch lock it in part time.
  14. Awhile back I noticed some atf on the bottom of my truck just above the front u joint of the rear driveshaft. Anyways last weekend I replaced the output shaft seal by removing the rear driveline, tried to pry the seal out to no avail so I removed the extention and smacked it out from the front end, no biggie. Installed new seal, then the driveline, filled up the transfer case and called it good. I cleaned up the previuosly leaked fluid from the underbody. Now there is fresh fluid there so I am sure it is still leaking. The sliding yoke did not feel like it had any abrasions where it rides on the seal ?? My t case says its a model 242 but the dude at the parts house said the one I need was for a 241?? I measured them with a caliper and it seemed to be the one. Why is it still leaking ??:banghead:
  15. Hello,My 4 wheel drive will not engage I noticed it Saturday while helping Brother in law move.I recently had it in for repair of cam cover gasket wondering if there was somethingthat might have been disconnected during the repair causing this. I have a 2500 2001 sport quad cab.Thanks in advanceDavid
  16. Ok. The 4x4 works sometimes and not other times. The light rarely comes on when in 4x4. To start things off I was out driving in some snow this winter in 4x4(or at least the lever was in 4x4) and I was going up a small hill and all of a sudden the 4x4 quit working. I never heard any grinding or anything. 4x4 hi and 4x4 lo was both the same. I moved the lever from Hi to Lo several time and then It started working. So I figured the linkage was out of adjustment. So next day I adjusted it and it seemed to work although the light was not on. Couple weeks later I ran into some mud and got it stuck. Turns out the 4x4 still was not working right. After moving the lever from hi to lo several time it finually worked and still there was not light. I backed it up out of the mud and stoped and put truck in Park. Got out to get something and got back in and put it in reverse and I was in a little wet grass and and the 4x4 quit working so I was just spinning. I have heard alot of people say "Oh you have a vacuum line leak". But they say if it leaks then your cruise control will not work. But my cruise control work great, no problem. Any ideas on what is wrong and how I can fix it.
  17. When I use the 4wd the light in the instrument panel has a mind of it's own. I am going into 4wd fine but when i first used it, the light wound not go out when i shifted back to 2wd, until i guess it shook whatever sender it has free (Gumed up?). The other day it didn't come on at all when i was in the snow in 4wd. Does anyone have any fixes or test? Thanks for any help. just want it to work the was it is suspose too.:confused2:
  18. I am told I need to replace the chain in my transfer case. I am also told that it is fairly easy to do. Do you have any suggestion or writeups on how to replace the chain??
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