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Anyone XBOX 360? Yes, I do... ...prolly a little too much


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If you do, hit me up. I usually play after 7pm Eastern, until 11p-12a sometimes.. but not every night. most, but not every. It's my "wind-down" time, believe it or not. Once the wife and kids go to bed, I fire it up.

I only really play:

[*]Call of Duty: World At War 1.16:1 KDR

[*]Call of Duty: Black Ops 1.04:1 KDR

[*]Battlefield2: Bad Company 2 4.47:1 KDR (I'm a snipin' mofo in this one..)

[*]and other military oriented FPS shooters.

gamertag: rogan68

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Am I missing out on something? The only new game I have played is grand theft auto for a week when I was sick, I bought a PS2 and that game then took it back when I got better :lmao: Looked up every cheat code and just went straight to the golf cart with the golf club and rolled the cart a million times and beat another million people with the 9 iron. I didn't have much fun if I was driving anything else or had any other weapon :evilgrin:

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I game on XboX 360 also, CoD 4, 4.2, WaW, Black Ops. Gamer tag: Lonemedic73

Added you :) didn't recognize who the gamertag was at first :)

JbirdFLEX is my gamertag both of my sexboxes are currently broken.

Jmono, that sucks.. I've actually got a brand new Xbox 360 Arcade (4GB version) that is unopened, I'm about to sell. i bought it to fix an ailing unit, that turned out to be my router's problem, instead. The new one has been sitting in the dining room for about 2 weeks now.
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