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  1. My woman bought me a new xbox a few weeks ago for my birthday so I'm back online. I'll add you guys up tonight when I get home.
  2. I paid $140 (IIRC) for a pressure check on my head about 3 weeks ago.
  3. Yeah I can't puncture it but it does wiggle and move and wore a hole in my sock :banghead: One of these days I'll get an afe stage 2 or something. It NEVER ends. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I have a list of the crap I want, maybe one of these days I'll be content.
  4. The previous owner of my truck cut the bolts off and ground it down smooth when he had built compounds for it.
  5. jmono

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    Welcome! I have seen your user name over on CompD iirc.
  6. ahahahahaha Thanks for making my day go by a little better.
  7. You only see 1100 wot with the smarty on the 170hp "tune?"
  8. Hey now, I have had 3 trucks on that dyno. I would probably use it again if it was a load cell dyno.
  9. I spaced about the egt's. 1500-1550* on the pyro was about the max it would go WOT on a hard run with the speed limiter sitting at 108 but from 1300-1500 it jumped up pretty quick.
  10. My truck is a 1998 dodge 2500 short bed quad cab with a 12v and a 5 speed. Mods: Auto meter gauges 66/74/14 "Better Bullet" built by Chris @ E.D Weston 5x.014's 191dvs 4k gsk 5" dual exhaust #100 plate ff with afc cranked 20* timing South bend Iron Giant 4200lb dd w/ big input Fire ringed head w/60lb springs and valve work ARP head studs Bhaf Detroit true-trac Mag tech rear diff cover Adjustable valet switch High idle mod Ram air hood Lame flame paint that I want to change someday. Galaxy cb radio, road king mic, "little wil" antenna Alpine deck, alpine mrp-500 mono amp, JL 10w3 Best Dyno 453hp 939tq ***EDIT: Added an AD 150 with a 40 psi spring, vulcan draw straw, SDX Competition Delivery Valves, and a Tork Tek 050 OFV. Future mods: more timing, mack plug, raptor 150, and larger dv's.
  11. Anything from DDP, SDX, or CPP is going to be a good injector. Those guys put alot of time and effort into their product. I would stay away from industrial injection. I have a buddy that does injectors at a small local shop and said every injector from II that he has tested has been all over the place in pop pressures.
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