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Howdy from Charlotte


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Been lurking here and using the various resources of the site since I bought my first CTD for Christmas/New Years. Finally decided to join the forum the other day. :) Not much to tell about me I don't guess. I'm 32 years old and live just north of Charlotte, NC. I'm a database administrator for a large financial company that works heavily with automotive lending. :D I bought my truck to haul my rock crawler and for general purpose use. My father was a diesel mechanic for the larger part of his life, but somehow I never managed to gain any diesel knowledge from him. Did pick up on a ton of gasser knowledge though. :D Enjoying my first diesel. I've had some problems with it, but am slowly getting those worked out. It's been hard not to dump tons of money into it. Quite a fun hobby in itself!Oh, by the way, CLTDBA = Charlotte Database Administrator

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