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new old guy, old new guy, something like that.


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Hi all, I'm Russ. I used to be on this site, and a few others. I'm from SE Idaho, lived by Firebird for a while. Now I'm in Encinitas, Ca. Quit my job and went back to school. As much as I love and miss Idaho it's pretty nice living a mile from the ocean.Anyway I've owned five brands of diesels, BMW, VW, Dodge, Chevy, and Ford. My current two being a '99 F250 and "our" 2011 Jetta TDI. I've still got my built Cummins engine sitting in Dads shop in Idaho, but haven't figured out whether to sell it or buy something to put it in.I better quit screwing off and get back to my math homework, so I'll end by saying I'm not the smartest guy around, but hopefully my experiences can bring something to the table here.P.S. I'm sure Michael will remember me, although if he remembers me too well I might not be able to log on tonight... :lol:

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