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P7100 information

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I am new to this forum, and do all my own work. I own a P pumped 2002 dually that is also super chargeda work in progress. Everything on this truck has been modified except the crank! Looking to find information on my P pump which has been modified by me alreadyin circle in front it says 908then:PES6P120A120RS7416then: 0402736906Then: tag on rear: RQV400 1250PA1060-4K392 8146 0005I know some of the info but Mike said to postThanks in advanceI am also able to answer or help anyoneRick

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Heres what info I found on your particular pump. First off it seems its a 175HP pump going off the last 3 numbers of the serial number 0402736906

Heres a breakdown of the injection pump number PES6P120A120RS7416

PE - inline pump

S - with mounting flange

6 - 6 plungers

P - Bosch P type pump

120 - 12mm diameter plungers

A - design code

1 - without fuel lift pump

2 - governor on right side

0 - without automatic timing advance unit

R - clockwise rotation

S7416 - design code (note the 7 means its a 7000 series pump)

And heres a breakdown on the governor number RQV400 1250PA1060-4K

R - governor

Q - transverse spring

V - variable speed governor

400 - minimum speed (idle) (note pump speed is half engine speed for 4 cycle engine)

1250 - maximum speed

P - Bosch P type injection pump

A - modification letter

1060 - type code

4 - suffix

K - torque matching by characteristic

392 8146 0005 Then this last number I'm guessing is the serial number for the governor but I can't tell you anything about that.

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gutting the AFC does nothing but create a smokey pig, which is fine for sledpullers but there's no reason for the rest of the world to do that unless your only goal is to "oral the cole" everywhere and give us all a bad name, Modding the AFC and spending some time tuning will yield a more efficient, faster, cleaner running engine.only thing I don't like about the 175hp pump is the slower rate cam, but you can still make pretty good power with them. Got any pics of that supercharger setup? I'm interested to see what you have going on there.

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