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New Tail Lights for Horses


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I will have to get one of these for my wife instead of her horse, her farm is so rural that there is little chance of it being of value where she rides but I would like to see this light on her as she is an extremely avid runner and refuses to wear any reflective clothing for safety, I think this would do the trick.......... as a Christmas present lol >>>>>:badidea::lmao2: I think I would get :punish: if she read this lol.I think she could Braid this "Tail light" into her "Pony Tail"............:lmao:

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I think MoparMom would :punish: you first. :lmao2:... Me personally would just get her a nice jacket that is done in safety yellow.

She has a closet full of safety reflective cloths and jackets, she refuses to wear them as she thinks they look "Excuse the term DW" Dorky.

Bill might be jealous if you buy his wife a present.......

Not at all, If I were the jealous type I would have an issue with her job as a massage therapist, but my gal is as rock solid morally as they come. She grew up in a staunch catholic home and is usually over the top inflexible when it comes to morals.....................................but then she met and married me and I keep trying to keep her gounded. lol:hug:
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