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No crank

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2000 PPUMP 4x4

Pulled batteries to put on charger last nite as well as radio to install a new one.Both batteries 12.4V ....Truck wont crank at all - not even try.

Starter fuses and relays look fine/ Switched them around with some others in PDC and no difference.

Ideas on what to troubleshoot ? Had same issue when I came back from holidays. Pulled starter and it checked out ok and switched fuse and seemed to fix but fuse seems ok.


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So tracked it down to starter seems fine.

Batteries fine (1 is new).

Switched relays and fused around - seems fine.



Starts in neutral though. So thinking a linkage or NSS. Thats on the trans for an auto right ?  Just replace it - or check its making contact - have to pull pan for that though right ?

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NSS switch should just be screwed into trans. Easy swap. :burnout2:  :cheers:


Yeah but if it wasnt working at all Id replace it. But seems more linkage related ....... if I really bump up on the parking Rod it enagges and I can start in P ..... else N. 


Cant rememeber how I got the NSS out last time ...... the sockets I have now dont fit as they are too thick to get around the nut (impact wrenches) ....... only a small gap between the NUT and the case itself.

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Adjust your linkage for the gear selector. :cheerleader:

How do you do that ..... from meory the linkage is basically and arm tied into a cable or a rod. Is there an adjustment screw ?


John, my daughter's truck did the exact same thing. It would start in neutral but not in park. It took two different switches to get it right.

Yeah I remmeber when I did my first trans a few years back we had a problem where the NSS wouldnt engage in the VB correctly. I remember fixing that issue with the NSS ..... it was just a few "mm" short to make good contact. Here I think the linkage is out ........ so I'll fidle with that 1st ...... but if not will try a new NSS.


thanks guys - sorry for not getting back dont get all the emails for updates :)

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There is also an adjustment for the indicator in the dash. Cant remember if that is out of adjustment if it will not let the shifter go all the way into park.

...no. Thats just a wire tensioned by a part on the steering column. It translates with the position of the shift lever. It has no relevance to the shifting at all except the gear shift indicator.

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